Author: Sonja Trifuljesko

Interview with Angie Heo

Sonja Trifuljesko , May 28th, 2018 In the beginning of March 2018, Angie Heo gave a talk in our visiting se…

→University of Helsinki Anthropology

Angie Heo: The Political Lives of Saints. Christian-Muslim Mediation in Egypt

Sonja Trifuljesko , March 5th, 2018

On March 2, 2018 Angie Heo delivered a talk in our visiting seminar titled “The Political Lives of Saints: Christian-Muslim Mediation in Egypt”. We later conducted a brief…

→University of Helsinki Anthropology

Universit(ar)y journeys: an ethnographic play

Sonja Trifuljesko , September 17th, 2015

Last year Mick Taussig gave a short course to doctoral students at the University of Helsinki on the relation between research and writing. Ethnography, he repeated several times…


AVMOFA: University Bucket

Sonja Trifuljesko , June 26th, 2015

Universities have a long history. Buckets even longer. Nevertheless, perhaps not many times in the past have universities and buckets crossed each other’s paths. This is a story…