Author: Svetlana Borodina

Technologies of Equal Participation: Formats, Designs, Practices. Introduction.

Svetlana Borodina , May 17th, 2022

This browser does not support HTML5 audio Listen to an audio recording of this piece read by Svetlana Borodina Photo by Gareth David on Unsplash Only tod…


Platypus in 2022

Svetlana Borodina , January 25th, 2022

This browser does not support HTML5 audio Photo by the author. As the new year and the new semester have been off to (hopefully) a good start, Platypus…


2021 at Platypus

Svetlana Borodina , January 12th, 2021

Pixabay The first weeks of 2021 brought no relief, even though so many hoped otherwise. Instead, the first twelve days clearly demonstrated that exclusion, inequity, violence, and multiply…


International Day of Persons with Disabilities: What Happens the Day After?

Svetlana Borodina , December 3rd, 2020

Twenty-eight years ago, in 1992, the United Nations General Assembly resolution 47/3 proclaimed December 3 as International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Immediately following the International Da…


Elements of disability inclusion in Soviet disability pedagogy

Svetlana Borodina , October 27th, 2020

For someone interested in the genealogy of disability inclusion in Russia, Soviet disability pedagogy, known at the time under the name of defektologia, may seem to be a…