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Tobias Denskus , May 6th, 2022

Hi all,It’s really not easy to stay positive in the #globaldev universe, is it…’Frustrations’, ‘held back democracy’, ‘blame’, ‘losing faith’, ‘monetise data’ & ‘intellectual masturbation’ are just …


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Tobias Denskus , April 29th, 2022

Hi all,In the first part of this week’s review stories from the Gambia, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Syria & Niger. We are also celebrating the history of #globaldev feat Robert…


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Tobias Denskus , April 22nd, 2022

Hi all, An ethnography of bread in Jordan, co-designing algorithms, why UN staff accept precarious work conditions, Samir Amin, notes on a UNOPS scandal & expensive pre-Weddings in…


Are personal #globaldev blogs a thing of the past?

Tobias Denskus , April 20th, 2022

Business Week cover from 2005 on “Blogs will change your business”Mark Carrigan recently asked this question about personal academic blogs on the LSE Impact of Science blog and…


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Tobias Denskus , April 8th, 2022

Hi all,A nice potpourri of #globaldev-related readings is served once again (before a short Easter break next week) & it takes from the Mount Kenya Safari Club in…


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Tobias Denskus , March 25th, 2022

Hi all,This week’s review returns with classic topics-from charity funding in the US, to humanitarian crises in Myanmar & Syria, women’s empowerment in Malawi, uneven development in PNG…


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Tobias Denskus , March 18th, 2022

Hi all,We (me & imaginary editorial team 😉 are back with #globaldev news from Yemen, Ethiopia & DRC, more insights into the UK’s decline in #globaldev leadership &…


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Tobias Denskus , March 11th, 2022

Hi all,This week there are important, powerful stories from Malawi, Yemen, India, Brazil, Kenya, Saudi-Arabia/Nepal, the US & Canada as well insights into Think Tanks in Washington, localizing…


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Tobias Denskus , March 4th, 2022

Hi all, This week’s newsletter is a bit shorter, but I still want to maintain a space where we can read about other news-from the ‘wild west’ of…


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Tobias Denskus , February 25th, 2022

Hi all, This week’s #globaldev review has turned into an outlet for me to avoid more doomscrolling, cope with feelings of helplessness as war unfolds in Europe &…


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Tobias Denskus , February 18th, 2022

Hi all, From paying for the impact of climate change to riding a bike, demanding better disability policies, striking for higher wages, conducting historical research or improving formal…


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Tobias Denskus , February 11th, 2022

Hi all, Amazing how quickly another week passed…reparations, localization, narco states, disability rights, feminist foreign policy, UN remote work struggles, crypto as ritual & religion & th…


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Tobias Denskus , February 4th, 2022

Hi all, The absence of real snow is only one of the many problems as the worst Winter Olympics just kicked-off in Beijing, headed by the IOC, an…


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Tobias Denskus , January 28th, 2022

Hi all, I thought a lot about Jennifer Lentfer’s Tweet in connection with the #WeTheHelpers campaign & discussion: So the question becomes, how do we spend our precious…


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Tobias Denskus , January 21st, 2022

Hi all, Our semester kicked off this week and as difficult as things still are I am amazed by how active, curious, resourceful and well-organized most of our…


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Tobias Denskus , January 14th, 2022

Hi all, Happy New Year! No fancy 2021 reviews or 2022 previews-just returning to interesting #globaldev readings as usual from Denmark, Ethiopia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Canada, Senegal + Clubhouse…


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Tobias Denskus , December 17th, 2021

Hi all, This is the final link review for 2021 & Aidnography will be back in the second half of January 2022 (Twenty-Twenty-Too…). Many of us will have…


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Tobias Denskus , December 10th, 2021

Hi all, The holidays are moving closer-which means that next week will be the last Friday link review of the year!Unfortunately, as we take a look this week…


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Tobias Denskus , December 3rd, 2021

Hi all, It’s one of those weeks where a very eclectic set of links/post/reports has caught my attention-from Barbados becoming a republic, to crypto-mining-related power outages in Kazakhstan; ban…


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Tobias Denskus , November 26th, 2021

Hi all, Last week I included a Tweet about MSF using blockchain for patient data in my review; after a message from MSF (‘Hi Tobias, just to let…


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Tobias Denskus , November 19th, 2021

Hi all, Happy Friday, weekend & reading! From India’s farmers to Beijing Olympics, unequal partnerships between ‘North’ & ‘South’ and Singapore’s surveillance state we have another week of…


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Tobias Denskus , November 12th, 2021

Hi all, This week’s review features insights from Uganda, Madagascar, North Africa, Afghanistan, Mexico, India, Brazil, Australia, UK, the UN system & the World Bank! So enjoy your…


This school and cultural institution in rural Uganda will level the playing field for women and girls

Tobias Denskus , November 11th, 2021

I first heard about InteRoots’ work in Uganda through recent articles that featured their work in connection with decolonizing philanthropy and ethical storytelling, so I happily agreed to…


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Tobias Denskus , November 5th, 2021

Hi all, I will keep it short & sweet today-so happy #globaldev reading from/about Taliban, Tanzania, Libya, Yemen, Germany, China & more! My quotes of the weekThe carbon footprints…