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(Almost) Native Ethnography meets the heat of the Tunisian Desert

Ghosts Look Over the Shoulders of Myanmar Peace Negotiators

One (dis)placed ethnographer’s movements during the pandemic: Is the on-line world a lesser ethnographic world?

The Fear of Dahalo Bandits on a Drive Through the Alaotra Night (Madagascar)


Reading Myanmar—‘Miss Burma’ and the Liberal Conscience

Batman’s Butler Alfred Philosophizes about Colonial Violence in British Burma

The Elephants, the Peace Process, and the Blindmen in a Myanmar Hotel Ballroom

Insistence on Voluntary Rohingya Repatriation to Myanmar Lacks ‘Moral Imagination’

How to Read a WEIRD Evidence-Based Yangon Consultancy Report

College Internships and Fears of Hanging

George Orwell and the Modern Yangon INGO Worker

Lost Ethnographies, and other musings

Thinking about Yangon: Normalcy or Conflict?

The Fortunate Failure of ‘Voluntary Repatriation’ For Rohingya Refugees

Who Influneces American Foreign Policy in Burma More?  James C. Scott or John Rambo?

Discipline and Modern Society: Something about Max Weber and Well-Paid Development Bureaucrats!

Mon Mon Myat’s Articles in the Irrawaddy Times of Myanmar/Burma

When is the country between India and Thailand called, Burma or Myanmar?

Quick Repatriation of Rohingya Refugees is Not a Durable Solution is reborn for 2019!

Gallows Tale III: The Hanging Files of Tanganyika, and Are We Hanging the Right Man?

Gallows Tale II: The Hanging File of Tanganyika 1920-1928 and the Risk of Escape!