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Civility is Why Administrators are Paid the Big Bucks!

Globalization and Mlitary Honor: The Dedication of a Statue of the Hmong General Vang Pao in California

Is There Humor Hiding in the Translations of Bourdieu or Weber?

Alice Goffman’s On The Run: Ethnography in Action!

One Year After the Death of Marc Thompson

Tony , September 3rd, 2015

One year ago today, Marc Thompson, Chico, California area activist, student of sociology, was found murdered in a burning car in a remote area outside the small town…


Who is the Greater Threat to Reading in the Academy? Aggrieved Students, or Budget-cutting Administrators?

The Psychobiological Nature of the Human Being, Going Back to School, and the Nature of ‘Manpower”

Why Can’t the School of Oriental and African Studies Fix Their Low Graduation Rates in the Social Anthropology program?

Ethnography as a Contact Sport: the Mla Bri and the Long Family of Phrae, Thailand

What is More Important in a University, an Assessment Plan for Nebulous Learning Outcomes, or a Climbing Wall?

Tony , August 18th, 2015

Does assessment cause actual harm? Probably not in the way unnecessary medical treatment does, but there are opportunity costs associated with it. And most troubling of all is…


Ethnography as a Contact Sport–The Mla Bri and the Long Family of Phrae

Basic Human Decency and Death by Hanging in Britain’s Colonies

Indiana Jones Rides Again–Into National Geographic’s Museum!

Peace Corps Edifice Complexes

Dee Thao’s Movie about Hmong Identity in Laos, Thailand, and the United States

Tony , August 6th, 2015

At this time of getting ready for Fall classes, just a reminder that Dee Thao’s movie about Hmong identity is an excellent introduction to issues involving the Hmong…


What Does Social Science Miss When China is Left Out?

Initiating Conversations with a Spoiled Identity: The dissonance of language use and race in Germany and Thailand

Cooling Out the Adjunct Pool

Why Do I speak German like a Hollander, and Thai so Clearly?

Broken Femurs and Cracked Backs: An Ethnography of Thai Motorcycle Safety

Leaving Germany Again: Something about Bildung, Auschwitz, and Dresden

“Cooling Out” the Victims of the Grad School Pyramid System

How are the Minds of PhD Students “Disciplined” by Graduate School?

What would George Carlin Say? Might Translation be Reverse Plagiarism?