Author: William M. Cotter

Streamline(d) – “180 Days”

Streamline(d) – “Time Served”

William M. Cotter , July 7th, 2018

This post is the beginning of an experiment. Recent ethnoGRAPHIC work like Lissa: A Story about Medical Promise, Friendship, and Revolution by Sherine Hamdy and Coleman Nye, as well…


A City Called Gaza

William M. Cotter , June 5th, 2018

When the aging stretch taxi made its way out of the parking lot of the Rafah Terminal in the southern Gaza Strip I remember being struck b…


Something to Shoot For

William M. Cotter , May 29th, 2018

A note for the reader:  I had the idea to attend a gun show and doing some writing about it a while ago, but the appeal of it…


Do Military Leaflets Save Lives or Just Instill Fear?

William M. Cotter , May 4th, 2017

Some modern militaries distribute leaflets, such as the ones these Iraqi boys are reading, in an attempt to convince people to believe certain things or behave in a…