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REDUX: Boredom at #EASA2014

Originally published on February 6, 2015. On August 2nd, 2014, Allegra ran a panel titled ‘Boredom, Intimacy and Governance in ‘Normalized’ Times …


“Sociology is a combat sport”

On February 20th, Allies Julie Billaud, Alessandro Chidichimo, Miriam Odoni, Marie-Claire Peytrignet, together with other members of the Swiss-based non-profit association Programme …


Luanda Taxi – a #fieldwork playlist

Conducting ethnographic fieldwork in a hectic, chaotic, and sprawling multimillion metropolis like Luanda presents logistical and epistemological challenges. If one is not …


time to csángó

Time to Csángó, a creative short documentary by Hadas Bar, Ian Cook, Anette Dujisin, explores the popularity of the táncház (dance house) …