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Indeterminacy: A co-hosted spring conference

randiirwin , October 4th, 2022

This year’s spring conference is committed to exploring the nature and dangers of indeterminacy. The time has come for indeterminacy to be interrogated, not least for the ways…

→Association for Political and Legal Anthropology

Relations and beyond: call for panels and papers

fstammle , September 22nd, 2022

For the first time, an Arctic Anthropology team hosts the conference of the Finnish Anthropological Society, to be held from 21-23 March 2023 in Rovaniemi. Many still imagine…

→Arctic Anthropology

Film screening: in the name of the wild

fstammle , September 8th, 2022

On October 3rd our colleagues from the University from the “Sustainable Naturecultures” research group at the Faculty of Social Sciences host an interesting film screening including discu…

→Arctic Anthropology

An urgent and important initiative to move forward with EU support of Arctic research together with Indigenous communities

Stephan Dudeck , August 24th, 2022

I would like to encourage you with this post to fill in a short anonymous survey on your experiences and challenges with the co-creation of knowledge here: https://survey.hifis.dkfz.de/351545…

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Arctic Midsummer – party time with pagan roots

fstammle , June 26th, 2022

In the European Arctic Midsummer nowadays marks mostly the start of the summer holidays. But at the roots of this big holiday, celebrated on or close to the…

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Resurrecting a wolf for conservation?

fstammle , June 22nd, 2022

Many herders, especailly in the Sub-Arctic, are threatened by the increased number of wolves, eating entire reindeer herds. In Australia they go the opposite way now: they try…

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Decolonising indigenous knowledge? Reading circle 12 May 2022 noon Finnish time

fstammle , May 11th, 2022

Indigenous knowledge, or better indigenous ways of knowing, have been key to anthropological debates on human-environment relations in the Arctic, even more so since climate change has increased…

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Disaster anthropology talk 17 May: The role of culture in crisis:

fstammle , May 6th, 2022

collectivism and individualism in the coastal fishing after 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami This was once Arahama – the vibrant fishing suburb of Sendai, right by the coast….

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Calving started in Yamal reindeer herding

fstammle , May 5th, 2022

Our friend Eduard Khudi and his wife Valentina sent these photos today, of the first reindeer calf of the year, born the 27th April in the Yamal tundra…

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Somatosphere seeks new editor by Eugene Raikhel

Eugene Raikhel , April 21st, 2022

Somatosphere is seeking an editor or small editorial group to begin a 5-year term on September 1, 2022. Applicants should be active researchers in medical anthropology or a…


Nomadic or sedentary life: difficult choice?

fstammle , February 17th, 2022

Most people on our planet make their life choices mostly about in which settlement, country, climate etc they want to live. But the remaining nomads in the Arctic…

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Rare job opening: Groningen Professor Arctic Studies

fstammle , February 9th, 2022

This blog is run by the anthropology team of the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland. But today we want to share a very rare job opening of our…

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Platypus in 2022

Svetlana Borodina , January 25th, 2022

This browser does not support HTML5 audio Photo by the author. As the new year and the new semester have been off to (hopefully) a good start, Platypus…


Foreign Correspondents: Call for Reviewers by Stephanie Lloyd

Stephanie Lloyd , December 6th, 2021

The past two years have made us realize, more than ever, the importance of creating means of contacting and understanding each other and finding ways of connecting the…


PhD scholarship Canada community economic development

fstammle , November 12th, 2021

Colleagues from the University of Manitoba have shared this generous scholarship opportunity. If you are interested in economics of Communities in the Canadian North, and would like to…

→Arctic Anthropology

Job offer in Aberdeen: lecturer anthropology

fstammle , September 25th, 2021

Our colleague Tatiana Agrounova-Low shares a job-opening for a lecturer in anthropology at the department in Aberdeen. By the way, congratulations to her for becoming Head of Department…

→Arctic Anthropology

A snapshot of contemporary indigenous life – with emphasis on Sámi perspectives

fstammle , September 8th, 2021

A new publication on Arctic Indigenous Peoples from The Sámi Council and German Arctic Office (at the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research) was…

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Spirituality of abandoned Arctic Infrastructure

fstammle , August 28th, 2021

So-called ‘ghost towns’ attract people in a certain sense, the ailing beauty of their ruins and the atmosphere of silence that is so different from the silence that…

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The North is innovative!

fstammle , August 10th, 2021

our university r&d department just shared an EU report, where Finland and Sweden lead their EU-internal rating for innovativeness. Nice to see that the North leads the way…

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Arctic climate amplification and Siberia’s burning forests

fstammle , July 17th, 2021

Usually Arctic amplification is referred to as the reason why the Arctic is warming faster than the earth’s average, as the Arctic’s surface gets darker (due to less…

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arcticanthropology in top 30! Congratulations to our 10th anniversary!

fstammle , July 2nd, 2021

Dear authors, followers, commenters, readers of our blog. Please allow me to share something on our own behalf: Just got surprising good news that our blog made it…

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Trust Versus Paranoia: Can the Siberian fire spirit explain the spectacular failure of the UK Covid track and trace app?

fstammle , April 30th, 2021

Piers Vitebsky (pv100(at)cam.ac.uk) and Roza Laptander (roza.laptander(at)mail.ru) are going to give an interesting example on how to de-provincialise Arctic social sciences. This time on a topic tha…

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The Arctic Environmental Responsibility Index – oil and gas better than mining?

fstammle , March 11th, 2021

https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/epdf/10.1002/bse.2698 This has been a long journey and a lot of work several years: jointly with a number of interdisciplinary colleagues, we published our arti…

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APLA’s Statement on Academic Freedom in Turkey

randiirwin , February 23rd, 2021

APLA stands in solidarity with Boğaziçi University students, faculty and staff who have been protesting the anti-democratic and illegitimate…

→Association for Political and Legal Anthropology