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Guest Post: Black Latinx Encuentros: Embodied Knowledge and Reciprocal Forms of Knowledge Sharing

Footnotes Editor , July 1st, 2020

[Footnotes is excited to present a guest post by Amarilys Estrella and Meryleen Mena. This post is a part of the Embodying Reciprocity se…


Guest Post: The Anthropology Letters, Part 1

Chelsey Carter , September 27th, 2019

[Footnotes is excited to present a guest post by Bailey Duhé. Bailey J. Duhé is a Ph.D. student in cultural anthropology at the University of Colorado Boulder. She studies racial fluidity,…


Decanonizing Anthropology

Footnotes Editor , February 15th, 2019

Reworking the History of Social Theory for 21st Century Anthropology: A Syllabus Project Authors: Rebecca Renee Buell, Samuel Burns, Zhuo Chen, Lisa Grabinsky, Argenis Hurtado Moreno, Katherine S…


Race is Still a Problem in Anthropology

Guest Contributor , April 9th, 2018

By Anar Parikh [The following essay emerges from conversation with fellow PhD student and AES/SVA attendee, Scott Ross (George Washington University).] How is it that a senior anthropologist…