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Ep. #31: Field ties, clear truth, cringy rap & liminal states: This month on TFS

The Familiar Strange , February 17th, 2019

In this panel, we welcome Shamim to the Familiar Strange podcast. Shamim is working with Dee on a TFS video project that they hope will be released later…

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Clifford Geertz: Ethnographer?

Rex , May 31st, 2017

Why was Clifford Geertz such a popular anthropologist? Because he connected anthropology and the humanities? Because he was a great writer? One answer that often comes up is…

→Savage Minds

Anthropology as post-hermeneutics

standplaatswereld , March 14th, 2017

Bits & Pieces Put Together to Present a Semblance of a Whole, by Lawrence Weiner, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis (1991). by Peter Versteeg The first thing that came…

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Times of Security: Ethnographies of Fear, Protest and the Future

wirnita , May 26th, 2016

The editors of Anthropoliteia present to you the latest in our occasion series Interrogations, in which authors of recent volumes of interest to our readers discuss their work….


Clifford Geertz: la cultura como texto

Arturo Álvarez Roldán , May 7th, 2012

1. Cultura Clifford Geertz concluye “Juego profundo: notas sobre la riña de gallos en Bali”, publicado por primera vez en 1972 en la revista Daedalus, afirmando que la…

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