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Sustaining Bilingual Education Amid School Choice Expansion

Chelsea Horton , March 30th, 2021

Students, parents, and educators in Milwaukee continue a tradition of bilingual education activism and resist choice schools’ scaling up of linguistic subtraction.  At La Escuela Bilingüe Foster’s (Fo…

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A Revision of Outdated Course Policies Is Long Overdue

Patricia Lopez , October 27th, 2020

We need to humanize our course policies and practices and eliminate those that marginalize some students while privileging others. Professors: Students are under no obligation whatsoever to disclose…

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Letting Go and Holding On, Documenting Hope in Postwar Guatemala

Patricia Lopez , April 2nd, 2019

When Beti asked her twelfth-grade students to consider Guatemala’s contemporary challenges, their suggestions quickly filled the board. In large letters, their words loomed like storm clouds: corrupti…

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When Black Boy Joy and STEM Don’t Mix

Patricia Lopez , November 17th, 2017

As a kindergartner with Black boy joy, Carter excitedly began public school wanting to become a scientist. Carter considered scientists “some of the smartest people on earth,” because…

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Political Correctness is Not the Problem, Systemic Racism Is

Cathy Amanti , August 16th, 2017

In recent years, we have witnessed a resurgence of student protests on college campuses in the US and beyond. Many of these protests, inspired by broader contemporary social…

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