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Technologies of Trust put to the Test

Isabella Hesse , September 22nd, 2022

Drawing on participant observation of COVID-19 tests and blood donation, this article demonstrates how micro-interactions between medical personnel and laypeople can constitute trust, grounding the he…

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Technologies of Trust: Introduction

Shaila Seshia Galvin , September 12th, 2022

This post is the introduction of our thematic thread on Trust, curated by Anna Weichselbraun (University of Vienna), Shaila Seshia Galvin (Geneva Graduate Institute) and Ramah McKay (University of Pen…

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Ep #93: Waterworlds, Witchcraft and Chaos: This Month on TFS

The Familiar Strange , July 24th, 2022

The Familiar Strange · Ep #93: Waterworlds, Witchcraft and Chaos: This Month on TFS We’re back! We’re back from our Semester break and keen to get back into…

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Don Nonini: The China Conundrum and The Current Conjuncture

Focaal Web Editor , July 11th, 2022

Strategic Ambivalence or Disguised Conflict? China’s Reactions to Russia’s War on Ukraine and to Covid Why does China’s response so far to the Russian invasion of Ukraine “not…


¿Qué nos depara el futuro? Nos dirigimos hacia un futuro incierto

anthropologies , June 21st, 2022

Read Time:8 Minute, 24 Second Que el cambio climático es un hecho, nadie lo duda. A lo largo de la Historia de nuestro planeta, los…


When Nothing Fits

Annika Benz , June 8th, 2022

Disclaimer: All people mentioned were able to choose how they want to appear in this text. They chose to appear by their clear name and/or activist alias. They…

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Disaster anthropology talk 17 May: The role of culture in crisis:

fstammle , May 6th, 2022

collectivism and individualism in the coastal fishing after 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami This was once Arahama – the vibrant fishing suburb of Sendai, right by the coast….

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The meaning of crisis: reflections on doing fieldwork in Lebanon

standplaatswereld , April 10th, 2022

By Viviane Hamans Almost anyone who has been ‘in the field’, will confirm that at some point, crisis is part of the process. The amounts of time that…

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Heritage out of Control: Buddhist Material Excess in Depopulating Japan

Paulina Kolata , February 9th, 2022

Inherited Buddhist objects and their associated ritual care connect the dead with the living. Buddhist things are not only material. They contain spiritual and emotional power, even when…

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Heritage out of Control: Today’s utopia tomorrow’s waste?

Fouad Asfour , January 24th, 2022

Exploring how beliefs and spiritual dimensions of inequality turn today’s realities of waste into future heritage and (invisible) monuments Cite this article as: Fouad Asfour. January, 2022. ‘Herita…

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Street Affects in Kashmir

Bushra Punjabi , January 11th, 2022

This piece offers an ‘inside-out’ perspective on everyday life in a militarized space. As a researcher and a Kashmiri, the writer is struggling to document the ordinary-everyday lives…

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Living Water, living with lively waters (part 2)

Chakad Ojani , December 2nd, 2021

In What is Water? The History of a Modern Abstraction, geographer Jamie Linton (2010: 14) describes “modern water” as the following: “an abstract, isomorphic, measurable quantity that may…


#PoliticalEngagements: Defiant Engagements

Valentina Zagaria , September 21st, 2021

Working in political environments that run counter to our personal values and commitments, and with people who are challenging these contexts in different ways, led us to think…


War between good citizens and bad citizens: tools for today’s totalitarianism in Brazil and the Philippines

Cecilia Pe Lero , July 30th, 2021

On May 6, 2021, on the heels of Brazil’s deadliest month since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, special police forces in Rio de Janeiro killed 28 people…


Ethnographic Film at the Crossroads

Christos Varvantakis , July 29th, 2021

Ethnographic film is blooming Ethnographic film, however loosely defined, is blooming. While to track and map the entire production of ethnographic film appears next-to impossible, I want to…


Towards an Anthropology of Coups

Jastinder Kaur , July 27th, 2021

When is a coup a coup? Reflections on the anthropological study of ‘coups’ There have been more than 200 coups in 95 countries over the last 75 years,…


Sarah Muir on her new book, Routine Crisis

| , May 10th, 2021

https://press.uchicago.edu/ucp/books/book/chicago/R/bo69688117.html Interview by Kabir Tambar Kabir Tambar: Routine Crisis is about the aftermath of the economic collapse in Argentina in 20…

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Interview: Quo vadis, Feldforschung?

philbu , May 5th, 2021

In April 2021, I was interviewed by German news outlet Forschung & Lehre (Research & Teaching) about anthropological fieldwork in times of a global health crisis. Interview for…

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Thesis Review and Discussion: The Metamorphosis of Greek Cuisine

kgraf , April 29th, 2021

Kapari Deli in Athens city centre, Greece Photographs by Nafsika Papacharalampous If you have written a recent thesis in the Anthropology of Food or would like to review…


Mi generación

anthropologies , March 23rd, 2021

Aquellos que nacimos a mediados de los años setenta y que estamos a punto de pasar el ecuador que separa la década de los cuarenta en dirección a…


Spectacular Infrastructure: Madrid’s Pandemic Hospital between Public Spectacle and Speculation by Janina Kehr

Janina Kehr , February 2nd, 2021

Design by okb-buro.com On a fresh autumn day in 2019, under Madrid’s deep-blue sky, I went for a morning coffee with Ernesto, an infectious-disease physician working in one…


Ofrendas para la economía. El monstruo que nunca duerme

anthropologies , November 19th, 2020

La economía sufre, pero no todos los sectores están siendo afectados de igual manera. Las farmacéuticas, aunque han experimentado pérdidas debido a la bajada de demanda de medicamentos…


Por los que vendrán

anthropologies , July 23rd, 2020

Posiblemente no hayan oído hablar nunca de la localidad de Cherrapunji, se trata de una pequeña localidad de la India en el Estado de Megalaya. Allí pueden encontrarse…