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Hadas Weiss: Reflections on Moishe Postone’s legacy for anthropology

Focaal Web Editor , April 11th, 2018

As anthropologists, we strive to speak up for the often marginalized and underprivileged populations we study. Aiming to do so rigorously by heeding the structures that create and…


Why is Anthropology so Critical?

standplaatswereld , March 10th, 2017

Portrait of Giambattista Vico by Francesco Solimena By Matthias Teeuwen            I want to thank Ton Salman for his insightful take on the question…

→Standplaats Wereld

Global Health Education: When (and How) Global Health Issues Should Be Introduced to Youth by Emily Mendenhall

Emily Mendenhall , September 2nd, 2016

How do we foster empathy in our children? (Particularly empathy for people living in poverty – both in countries far away and neighborhoods closer to home?) We ask…


Top of the Heap: Alexander I. Stingl by Hannah Gibson

Hannah Gibson , January 25th, 2016

For this installment of the Top of the Heap series, I spoke with Alexander I. Stingl, who is a sociologist and a research consultant for Medical Humanities and…