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(Almost) Native Ethnography Meets the Heat of the Tunisian Desert

What does a Chicken, Drums, Whiskey, Gossip, and International Diplomacy have in common?

Life as an Insect Inside a Glass Jar: Language Learning Through Immersion

Liquor Store Mind Bender Puzzle

“Certain esoteric rites” for The Ethnographer

Pre-Anthropologists and Colonization

Ethnohistory Research, LLC | David G. Lewis, PhD , November 18th, 2018

Anthropology as a science grew out of needs of colonizing countries to gain more information about the frontier. The United States in the early 19th century needed to…

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TAL + SM: Anthropology has Always been Out There

This Anthro Life , June 14th, 2017

This Anthro Life – Savage Minds Crossover Series, part 2 by Adam Gamwell and Ryan Collins, with Leslie Walker This Anthro Life has teamed up with Savage Minds…

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Writing “in my Culture” w/ Zoe Wool and Alex Golub of Savage Minds

Gamwell , June 7th, 2017

Click the image above to read the blog post on Savage Minds What a title! This Anthro Life has teamed up with Savage Minds to bring you a…

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Savage Ears, Anthro Minds: Writing “in my Culture”

This Anthro Life , June 7th, 2017

A podcast and blog walk into a bar… Click the image above to check out the podcast on This Anthro Life This Anthro Life – Savage Minds Crossover…

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TOP 30 Revisited – Readers’ Choices

Allegra , April 26th, 2017

Back in in 2015 Allegra published “The 30 Essential Books in Anthropology” – a list curated via a small-scale survey among junior and senior anthropologists. The list received…


Actually scary critique

eli , March 30th, 2017

Back in 2011 I facilitated a workshop at the University of Chicago on “actually scary critique.” The workshop didn’t really work out because it never really reached its object;…


Saving the periphery from itself: The problem with thinking the postcolonial from the metropole

Sophie Chamas , September 8th, 2016

In February of this year, I participated in a Middle East, South Asian and African Studies graduate student conference at a New York-based university. It was, expectedly, a…


Mariya Ivancehva: The revolution will not be criticized? The (im)possibility of left-wing critique in Venezuela

Focaal Web Editor , May 24th, 2016

This post is part of a series on the Latin American pink tide, moderated and edited by Massimiliano Mollona (Goldsmiths, University of London). After heading the pink tide…


Datalogical Systems and Us

Helen Thornham , March 17th, 2016

In this post for ‘The Person in the (Big) Data‘ edition of EM, Helen Thornham @Thornhambot talks about how her research into data and the everyday has made her think critically…

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Of Critique, philosophy and anthropology – An interview with Ann Stoler

Julie Billaud , September 29th, 2015

The Institute for Critical Social Inquiry (ICSI) is a program run by The New School for Social Research for the second time this year. It brings together graduate…


Pervez Hoodbhoy and Scott Atran on hope and extremism

gregdowney , April 26th, 2015

By Profs. Pervez Hoodbhoy and Scott Atran After he circulated his address to the UN Security Council on extremism (available here), Prof. Scott Atran received the following response…


Scott Atran on Youth, Violent Extremism and Promoting Peace

gregdowney , April 25th, 2015

On 23 April, 2015, Prof. Scott Atran addressed the UN Security Council, to our knowledge the first time an anthropologist has ever been asked to speak to this…


Common Brain Mechanisms in Mental Illness

daniel.lende , February 7th, 2015

An important new meta-analysis of brain imaging research came out this week in JAMA Psychiatry, “Identification of a Common Neurobiological Substrate for Mental Illness” which highlights t…


Applied Anthropology as Limit

daniel.lende , December 22nd, 2014

Of late I’ve been saying that the constraints that come with applied work are useful for doing good theoretical and empirical work. Just as experimental models bring demands…