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Unexpected happiness in virtual spaces.

Uzma , January 27th, 2021

This piece was co-authored and experienced by the following (in alphabetical order): Zoe Crossland, Celine Gillot, Praveena Gullapalli, Sven Haakanson, Christina Halperin, Sarah Jackson, George Lau, U…


Guest Post: NAGPRA is not a metaphor: Anthropologists’ indifference upholds structural racism

Footnotes Editor , August 3rd, 2020

[Footnotes is excited to present a guest post co-authored by Krystiana L. Krupa and Savannah Newell. Krystiana L. Krupa serves as the NAGPRA Program Officer for the University…


Decolonization is political action, not an act of historical circumstance.

Uzma Z. Rizvi , June 30th, 2017

As an archaeologist who is invested in the project of decolonization, I admit to being wary of its overuse within anthropological discourse to such a degree that it…

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Foundations of an Anarchist Archaeology: A Community Manifesto

Decolonizing Anthropology , October 31st, 2016

This entry is part 18 of 18 in the Decolonizing Anthropology series. By The Black Trowel Collective An anarchist archaeology embraces considerations of social inequity as a critique…

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