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What’s Left Unsaid When a Language Dies

Sophie Chao , November 19th, 2020

“Transition” by Papua New Guinean artist Philemon Yalamu. From Papua New Guinea: A New Dawn by Fondazione Imago Mundi/Luciano Benetton Collection. A Death in the Rainforest: How a Languag…


Samuel W. Rose: Disconnected Development Studies: Indigenous North America and the Anthropology of Development

focaal_admin , November 17th, 2020

The purpose of this work is to examine and elaborate on the relationship between the people of Native North America and the material and ideological content of developmentalism…


We started a podcast!

standplaatswereld , October 16th, 2020

Standplaats Wereld is expanding with a new component. We will continue to marvel you with our stories, but from now on, we will also explore them in the…

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Waterloo-Redfern and the Racism Rooted in Cities

Mayane Dore , September 15th, 2020

Who are cities designed for? Resolution Productions/Getty Images This June, a statue of Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War, was…


"The Camera is our Weapon": Kayapó video warriors featured in new exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History in New York

Glenn H. Shepard , July 28th, 2020

The Kayapó (Megengôkrê) people of Brazil are living proof of the resistance and adaptability of Indigenous cultures. A new exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History in New York …

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A Nepalese Region Reclaims Its Holy Water

Madison Wrobley , July 14th, 2020

The Budhi Gandaki River, shown here downstream from Nubri Valley, rushes with icy turquoise water. Madison Wrobley “I’ve been told this is the longest suspended water system in…


Book Review: Dispossession without Development: Land Grabs in Neoliberal India by Michael Levien

Rose Deller , June 23rd, 2020

In Dispossession without Development: Land Grabs in Neoliberal India, Michael Levien examines how the shift from state-directed capitalism to neoliberalism in India from the 1990s has led to…

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Catching up with Glenn Shepard: Interview to launch benefit photography sale with Linda Matney Gallery

Glenn H. Shepard , May 22nd, 2020

This interview launches a new partnership with Linda Matney Gallery. Proceeds from the sale of selected photographs will directly support vital health services including emergency Covid-19 prevention …

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Book Review: Nairobi in the Making: Landscapes of Time and Urban Belonging by Constance Smith

Rose Deller , May 13th, 2020

In Nairobi in the Making: Landscapes of Time and Urban Belonging, Constance Smith explores how the residents of Nairobi’s Kaloleni estate interact with materials and structures from the…

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Covid-19: Lessons from the Yanomami [New York Times Op-Ed]

Glenn H. Shepard , May 6th, 2020

This essay, which I translated and edited from an original draft written in French by anthropologist Bruce Albert, was first published by the New York Times on April…

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The UNESCO Site That Never Was

Durrie Bouscaren , April 29th, 2020

The people of Hasankeyf, Turkey, have long enjoyed the nearby Tigris River, seen here in 2019. Recently, the creation of the Ilisu Dam has submerged their town. Burak…


Book Review: Decolonizing Universalism: A Transnational Feminist Ethic by Serene J. Khader

Rose Deller , April 24th, 2020

In Decolonizing Universalism: A Transnational Feminist Ethic, Serene J. Khader unpacks mainstream feminist approaches to women in the Global South – or ‘missionary feminism’ – to shed ligh…

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Covid-19 in Tamil Nadu: Textile livelihoods under threat

guestanthropologist , April 20th, 2020

by Geert De Neve **Reprinted by permission from the Sussex Sustainability Research Programme.** On the 24th of March 2020, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a complete national…

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Voluntary Isolation in the Age of Coronavirus

Glenn H. Shepard , April 8th, 2020

As governments around the world decide on public health measures to contain the spread of coronavirus, indigenous peoples across the Amazon, from the Madre de Dios region in…

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Waiting for a Dam #Roadsides

Matthäus Rest , March 27th, 2020

Once again, in November 2019, I found myself in an SJVN waiting room. But it was a new waiting room. Many things had changed in the two years…


The Fish Trap: Winning poem featured by Sapiens.org for World Poetry Day

Glenn H. Shepard , March 20th, 2020

The fish trapThe fish trap is sun bleached dry halfburied in squeaking whitesand under an equatorialmoon that wants to walk across the blackmirror but instead is twiceswallowed by…

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Book Review: Cultures of Doing Good: Anthropologists and NGOs edited by Amanda Lashaw, Christian Vannier and Steven Sampson

Rose Deller , February 25th, 2020

In Cultures of Doing Good: Anthropologists and NGOs, editors Amanda Lashaw, Christian Vannier and Steven Sampson bring together contributors to advance the growing field of NGO anthropology. Written b…

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Omar Bah , November 20th, 2019

In Episode 10, Going Native, Omar grasps the true meaning of kizunguzungu: but is the dizziness coming from denying local researchers authorship, or from open relationships? (Also, in which…


Amazon under Fire: A letter of protest by Brazilian scientists published by the New York Review of Books

Glenn H. Shepard , November 8th, 2019

As Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro stood before the United Nations in September of 2019 downplaying media reports of increasing forest fires under his administration and denouncing world-renowned i…

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#MDGComics: Mzungus in Development and Governments! #9

Omar Bah , November 7th, 2019

In Section 9 Omar teaches Greta the amount of adjectives required to break government gatekeeping – while Naga defends the precious Ministry data from short term consultants in spite…


#MDGComics: Mzungus in Development and Governments! #8

Omar Bah , October 29th, 2019

In Section 8, Linguistic Interpretation (or lost in MDGs translation), the role of language is explored. Will Omar understand Mzungus better if he improves his fluency in Acronymia? How do…


#MDGComics: Mzungus in Development and Governments! #7

Omar Bah , October 22nd, 2019

In Section 7 Omar is in search of his own existential place within the research: definitely not inside the Cheraton, maybe far from Mzungus for a while… a holiday…


Welcome to #MDGcomics: Mzungus in Development and Governments!

Omar Bah , October 11th, 2019

Welcome to #MDGcomics: Mzungus in Development and Governments! A Phd turned Graphic novel about Mzungus in Development and Governments. Meet Omar, the one with the fake beard. Omar…


Are Mixed-Income Neighborhoods the Best Answer for Public Housing?

Elizabeth Svoboda , September 13th, 2019

The Plan for Transformation brought new mixed-income developments to Chicago, such as those shown here, as a novel solution to public housing. Elizabeth Svoboda When Juanita Stevenson mov…