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Learning over Outcomes

In this @designopssummit presentation, @heyBFal shares some of the ways that Google uses principles from Montessori to encourage a learning culture.

→Natalie Hanson

Leading Through Change

In this @designopssummit presentation, @purvidesign shares some of her learnings from driving centralization of and lasting change for design at Visa.

→Natalie Hanson

DesignOps in Wonderland

In this @designopssummit presentation, we hear about the journey and evolution of DesignOps at ExpressScripts in the context of an Agile transformation, …

→Natalie Hanson

Measuring What Matters

In this @designsopsummit talk, Kristin Wisnewski shares how IBM’s Office of the CIO makes measurement of impact central to their work.

→Natalie Hanson