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What Should Teachers Teach?

Source here. Educators are wringing their hands these days about how much students have “fallen behind” the past year.  News story after …

→Alma Gottlieb

A4Kids: how it all started

 “Anthropology for kids” as a research project I spent most of my life doing two things – raising children and moving from …


#AisforAnthropology: Introduction

To kick-off our #AisforAnthropology thread, Nika Dubrovski  will be talking to us throughout the week about her project, A4Kids. Our hope is …


Colonial Spectres

What would it mean to be no longer ‘in country’ in Australia? How would the legacies of British colonialism, and the attempted …

→The Familiar Strange

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The Corporate Imaginary, In Thesis Eleven August 13, 2020 Co research in Vietnam for the anthropology classroom  with Do Thi Xuan Huong, …


Open Call: #AnthroEducate!

Imagine dozens of tables in a huge hall, with 12-15 children sitting at each. They negotiate with each other, squabble, and make …