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Writing Life No. 19: An Interview with Jason Pine by Jason Pine

Jason Pine , June 16th, 2022

Figure 1 (Jason): Writing is painful for me. I do TRX Suspension Training with an amazing online and affordable personal trainer/physical therapist (email me and I’ll give you…


New Book from Ingrid Stefanovic – The Wonder of Water: Lived Experience, Policy, and Practice

jeremy schmidt , April 25th, 2019

This is a great looking new title edited by Ingrid Stefanovic here with the University of Toronto Press. Facing droughts, floods, and water security challenges, society is increasingly…

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Re-enacting memories by Elinor Ochs

Elinor Ochs , September 17th, 2018

One way to ‘think with dementia’ is to phenomenologically shift from ‘memory’ to ‘remembering’ and to mine ‘remembering’ for its qualities and potentialities as socio-culturally limned experience. Whe…


A Journey to Experience: Tanzania-Kenya-Uganda

standplaatswereld , February 3rd, 2017

Door Ottla Lange      In my first week of studying cultural Anthropology I had been told to write down everything I observe, when in a new or…

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Occasional Paper 6: Destructivistas

Material World , September 13th, 2016

Joel Cahen (2012, revised 2016) With our present day awareness, the arts as we have known them up to now appear to us in general to be fakes…

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The Beach – A Frontier of Nostalgia

Jo Aiken , February 19th, 2016

by Duane Jethro The beach is a place of waste and ruin. Rotting seaweed, stinking dead seals, cracked and crushed shells, deflated bluebottles, fat blobs of translucent jellyfish…

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