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Anchoring our days through the senses during South Africa’s lockdown

Joy Owen , July 20th, 2020

IWe had been in lockdown since 18th March 2020 when J.’s daycare closed for a break. A few days later, on 23rd March, South Africa’s President Ramaphosa announced…

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Privilege and pressure: international students in Germany during Covid-19

Gordana Zhura , July 13th, 2020

The complexities of today’s world have enabled an ever extending exposure to stress, often a combination of stress factors of an existential nature that threaten the balance of…

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Isolated twice: international students in Switzerland during Covid-19

Annelise Erismann , July 10th, 2020

We live in a German-speaking canton of Switzerland. As the Covid-19 pandemic gained momentum in Europe, one of the first things we stopped doing as a family with…

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The plight of domestic workers during India’s lockdown

Samira Agnihotri , July 6th, 2020

Bhaagya (not her real name) is in her early thirties. She is married, and has two teenage children. She cooks and cleans for several households in Bengaluru, a…

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Every Image Has A Story

standplaatswereld , October 12th, 2017

By Aniek Santema           Around 2 million Syrian refugees who fled the war have been stranded in Lebanon and many of them live in harsh…

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