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Covid-19, Fatness, and Risk: Medico-Media Discourses and Stigma

Tina Sikka , January 26th, 2021

European Network for Workplace Health Promotion Contemporary English speaking media and popular medical discourses on Covid-19 have been notable in their stigmatization of fatness by implicitly and ex…


Baby Fat Is About More Than Cuteness

Morgan K. Hoke , January 10th, 2018

Pudginess in babies offers an evolutionary advantage. Alamy Photos “Aw, you still have your baby fat!” This refrain plagued me throughout my childhood. No matter what I did,…


Anthropology and the Rashomon Effect

Alexandra Frankel , December 15th, 2017

A Reflection on Group Fieldwork. There is a high-fever-pitch limbic sensation of simultaneously registering something you heard or read as wrong, and the antsy, itchy, compulsion to raise…

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