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Yemen Film 1973

tabsir , May 15th, 2022

This exquisite film was produced in 1973 and filmed in 1972, thus representing Yemen half a century ago. It is now available on Youtube. The filmmakers were Karen…


Lebanese Music at Baalbek

tabsir , March 5th, 2022

This is a beautifully filmed and played Youtube video of Lebanese music performed in the ruins of a temple in Lebanon.


Do Queer Muslims Need Saving?

Joel Abdelmoez , September 24th, 2021

Image by the anonymous artist Queer Habibi Disclaimer: This is a reworked paper, originally written for a course called “Post-Colonial Perspectives on Audiovisual Media” at Stockholm University, i…


The Ghost of Amanullah: Afghanistan Redux

tabsir , August 17th, 2021

The Khyber Pass in 1923 Historians generally assume that “modernity” jump-started in Afghanistan in 1919 with the crowning of Ghazi Amanullah Khan as emir and later as king…


Traditional Seafaring in the Gulf

tabsir , June 22nd, 2021

The online event “Under the Sails – Maritime Conversation on Trade and Seafaring. Perspectives from Iran and Kuwait” held on May 26, 2021 is now available to view…


Being Si Al Sayed

Joel Abdelmoez , May 22nd, 2021

Music videos in the Arab world, and not least in Egypt, are at the same time widely viewed, popular and relatively understudied. They can reflect pressing contemporary issues, controversial…


Excavating Egyptology

tabsir , May 2nd, 2021

The New York Review of Books has an interesting review of three recent books on the archaeology and filmic versions of ancient Egypt.


Damascus Heritage

tabsir , April 29th, 2021

For an impressive website devoted to the heritage of Damascus, check out “Damascus Heritage.” There are several Youtube videos accessible from the website. I especially like the im…


Parading with the Pharaohs

tabsir , April 4th, 2021

Yesterday there was an extravaganza parade in Cairo parading the embalmed remains of 22 ancient Egyptian pharaohs to their new “eternal” resting place in the National Museum of…


Picturing the “Enemy”

tabsir , April 3rd, 2021

My friend Karim Ben Khelifa, an award-winning photographic journalist who I met over a decade ago, has produced an extraordinary film (“The Enemy”) on his experience as a…


Googling Ibn Majid

tabsir , April 1st, 2021

One of the most famous Arab navigators is the Omani Ahmad b. Majid, who flourished in the latter half of the 15th century. If you google his name…


Cairo in 1920

tabsir , February 20th, 2021

This is an interesting Youtube video posted by Mostafa Khalifa. It has the voice of Munira al-Mahdiya with footage taken in Cairo and Alexandria in 1920.


Baba ‘Aris (1950)

tabsir , February 9th, 2021

Youtube has quite a few old Egyptian films with music, dancing, the colorful Egyptian dialect and some very strange plots. Baba ‘Aris is well worth watching… For details…


Egyptian agriculture in 1920

tabsir , February 4th, 2021

reaping There is an early 1920 video on Youtube with views of agriculture, bread making, spinning and weaving in Egypt at the time. No details are provided on…


Film on Cairo’s Zabbalin

tabsir , November 29th, 2016

There is a recent documentary on the Zabbalin garbage collectors of Cairo, produced by RT.


The Archaeology of Star Wars

tabsir , June 11th, 2015

Heritagedaily.com, November 11, 2013. “These are not the ruins you’re looking for!” In 2012 Italian photographer Rä di Martino spent more than a year wandering the desert towns…