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Yemen in 1917

The British Government issued an official handbook on Yemen in 1917. This has recently been uploaded to the Qatar Digital Library. One …


Oldest Beer Site

Check out this report in The Guardian on what may be the oldest site for producing beer in the world. Of course …


Amish Camels

The image above, a drawing from the 1850s, epitomizes how the camel has been imagined for everyone in America, the West and …


Egyptian agriculture in 1920

reaping There is an early 1920 video on Youtube with views of agriculture, bread making, spinning and weaving in Egypt at the …


Picturing Egypt a Century Ago

Cairo around 1920 In 1921 one of the many geographical/travel books published was the The Human Interest Library: Visuali?ed Knowledge (Chicago: Midland …


Halal Bacon

If you are strict about halal foods or kosher foods, pork is probably not on your normal grocery shopping list. But there …