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… And the Street Goes on

Ian M. Cook , August 11th, 2021

Népszínház utca is a street that begs to be the subject of study. Its name, People’s Theatre Street, produces expectations that are fully met. Its surroundings are a…

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#Academic Fictions: All in a day – The story of an intersection

Chiara Moslow , February 26th, 2021

It is early, the sun has only just begun to rise. A bird swoops from her nest to rest on an electric wire. She overlooks an intersection, a…


Adam James Moore: The human cost of city upgrading in ‘pro-poor’ Medellín

focaal_admin , September 23rd, 2020

On 1st March 2018, a group of protestors blocked a dual-carriageway in front of Acevedo Metro (and Metro cable line) Station in the North of Medellín, Colombia. Those…


Unsustainable City

Chelsea Horton , April 22nd, 2020

In New York, the sustainable city is being built on its own undoing. In 2014, residents of Staten Island’s Elm Park neighborhood found their cars covered in dust….

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Black Removal in South Central Los Angeles

Michelle Munyikwa , November 20th, 2018

This conversation takes place with two ethnographers of Los Angeles: Juli Grigsby is an assistant professor of anthropology at Haverford College, who researches Black women’s political subjectivity, v…

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Why Is This Trash Can Yelling at Me? Big Bellies and Clean Green Gentrification

Jacob Doherty , June 20th, 2018

“Pssst. There’s something really special happening here. I’m collecting five times more trash than the other guys and using solar energy to compact it all. Welcome to downtown…

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Book Review: Masters of Craft: Old Jobs in the New Urban Economy by Richard E. Ocejo

Rose Deller , May 14th, 2018

In Masters of Craft: Old Jobs in the New Urban Economy, Richard E. Ocejo explores four traditionally working-class jobs – barbering, bartending, distilling and butchery – that have been…

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Postindustrial Landscapes, Communities, and Heritage

Kaeleigh Herstad , January 1st, 2018

I’m excited to be in New Orleans this week for the annual meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology. Dan Trepal and I are chairing a session entitled,…

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In the Journals – October 2016

Sean Miller , November 7th, 2016

Welcome back to In the Journals, our monthly look at some of the many different publications on crime, law, security, and the state. With the fall semester coming…


Gentrification, diversification & events – let’s take it SLOW!

Allegra , February 22nd, 2016

Ever so often we find it indispensable to remind ourselves & everyone else that one of Allegra’s guiding mottos is ‘slow food for thought‘. Indeed, one of the…


The Lost Space of Dissent: Amidst Charleston’s Unity

mstalcup , July 14th, 2015

The Editors of Anthropoliteia welcome Bradley Dunseith with a report from Charleston, South Carolina Knights of Columbus hall in Charleston, South Carolina. June 2015. Photo by Bradley Dunseith…


REDUX: Journeys within and beyond the City – Part 1 #Fieldnotes

Amanda Reinke , June 24th, 2015

“That’ll be $1.09.” I hand over the last two dollars of my stipend in exchange for my favorite kind of cookie, a gingersnap, while the bakery owner and…