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The reality of race: fieldwork experiences from Ghana

standplaatswereld , May 15th, 2016

Millicent, one of the staff members of the hostel where I stayed, and I. By Marije Maliepaard           Recently my Colombian friend and I were talking about being white in a country like…

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Teaching-learning materials on ICT in rural Ghana

standplaatswereld , April 14th, 2016

Door: Tessa Gruijs   During my three months of fieldwork in Ghana for my Master’s research, together with a local NGO I tried to figure out how (future) primary…

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Televised charismatic Christianity in Ghana

John Postill , January 30th, 2016

Here is another set of notes under the broad theme of media and change in preparation for the volume Postill, J., E. Ardevol and S. Tenhunen (eds.) forthcoming,…


Ain’t no Jaguars in Ghana’s urban jungle: luxury and the postcolonial bizarre

Pauline Destree , October 23rd, 2015

Sipping my morning coffee in the corrosive speech of Bernard Avle, the radio host of Accra’s Citi FM Breakfast Show – a deliciously satirical commentary on salient socio-economic issues…

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Anthropologies #21: Agricultural Adaptations and their Socio-Political Parameters: Social Responses to Climate Change in Ghana and South Sudan

Ryan , September 3rd, 2015

The next installment for the anthropologies issue on climate change comes from Douglas La Rose. La Rose is the regional coordinator for the Agency for Technical Cooperation and…

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Sweeping Away Agbogbloshie. Again.

guestauth0r , June 23rd, 2015

By Josh Lepawsky & Grace Akese On 20 June 2015 Ghanaian authorities, including military personnel, entered the infamous Old Fadama/Agbogbloshie site in Accra and began violently dispersing the…

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Living the reaspora: Afropolitans back home

Jana Gerold Michelle Engeler , April 16th, 2015

Only recently, debates on global mobility of people consider the movement from economically richer to poorer countries, even though this trend increases from year to year. People do…

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Ironies and Oburonis: Navigating Foreignness in Ghana

Sarah Abel , May 17th, 2014

Ghana began on the plane. It was 1am on my connection from Casablanca to Accra, and I was sitting next to a sleepy-eyed toddler and his mother, who…

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Podcast: DNA Ancestry Testing and the Legacies of the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Sarah Abel , May 2nd, 2014

To listen again to my discussion with Bernice Bennett about my current study on the social impact of DNA ancestry testing in the Americas, as well as related research into the…

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