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Bewertungen bei Google, TripAdvisor, Lieferando und Co., wer liest sie nicht? – Zum Einfluss von Online-Bewertungsplattformen auf Kölner Gastronom*innen

Theresa Lenz , July 17th, 2021

Heutzutage ist es ganz normal, Restaurants oder Cafés im Internet ausfindig zu machen und anhand von Bewertungen zu vergleichen, um schließlich eine Kaufentscheidung zu treffen. Hinterher wird das…

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Google’s Empire: The Science Fiction of Power

Maximilian C. Forte , June 28th, 2019

“For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to make a film about libraries,” explains Ben Lewis, the director of Google and the World Brain (2013)….


Critiquing Big Data in China and Beyond

Samuel Lengen , February 26th, 2019

“I do think that the Internet truly makes us feel the world can become a smaller place,” an interlocutor, whom I will call Bo, told me in his…


Google Celebrates Native Artist in November 9th Doodle

Jason Baird Jackson , November 10th, 2018

A guest post by Emily Buhrow Rogers. A carved bear by Amanda Crowe (Eastern Band Cherokee) from the collections of the Mathers Museum of World Cultures, Indiana University….

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How does anthropology help Google UX? Interview with Fatimah Richmond

Verónica Reyero , February 26th, 2018

In six months’ time, one of the most pioneering and innovative events in applied anthropology of Europe will be held. Why the World needs Anthropologists: Designing the Future,…

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Anthropologists need to address the Google memo on its merits. Again.

Rex , August 14th, 2017

When Google engineer James Damore wrote his now-infamous memo about how woman are naturally unsuited to work at Google, anthropologists everywhere groaned inwardly. Our discipline’s lot in life…

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Google Trends as life advice?

Grant , June 22nd, 2017

[this post first appeared on Medium] I was in Portland last week looking for artisans to interview for the Artisanal Economies Project and stumbled upon a vintage clothing…

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Pokémon Goes Everywhere: Nur nicht nach China?

Liu Yijia , August 27th, 2016

Seit über 20 Jahren erfreuen sich die kleinen Monster auch in China größter Beliebtheit. Nur erlaubt sind sie nicht – ebensowenig wie die mobile Version, die kürzlich auf…

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The human-side of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Steven Gustafson , June 20th, 2016

Note from the Editor, Tricia Wang: Next up in our Co-designing with machines edition is Steven Gustafson (@stevengustafson), founder of the Knowledge Discovery Lab at the General Electric Gl…

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Co-designing with machines: moving beyond the human/machine binary

tricia wang , June 13th, 2016

Letter from the Editor: I am happy to announce Welcome to the The Co-Desinging with Machines edition. As someone with one foot in industry redesigning organizations to flourish in a…

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Does Early Intervention Promote Recovery?

Megan Carney , February 9th, 2016

Director of NIMH Leaves for Google to Develop New Technologies There is a growing trend among large companies in the private sector to join in health promotion efforts,…

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Chinese queries | 百度一下

Gabriele , November 17th, 2014

屌丝一个: “Seriously speaking, is 100 wan enough to get out of China?” 飞飞: “You Baidu yixia first, see which country is a bit more reliable” Failed suggestion for…

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The Problem Isn’t Just Facebook: It’s You Too.

Angela VandenBroek , August 18th, 2014

Lately, news of the Facebook emotional contagion study and Facebook Messenger’s permissions, have flooded feeds and inboxes. The former was a paper published in the Proceedings of the National A…

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