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Centering the Experience of Hepatitis C Infection and Treatment through Graphic Ethnography in The Virus by Kelly Szott

Kelly Szott , September 3rd, 2019

The Virus Aleksandra Bartoszko and Marcin Ponomarew Project Supported by Foreningen for Human Narkotikapolitikk (FHN) and Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution – Noncommercia…


Familiar with Graphic Anthropology? Didn’t think so… by David Johansson

Mats Utas , January 10th, 2017

During the second part of this spring sociologist Ugo Corte and I will teach a new master course in the Ethnography of the senses here at Uppsala University….

→Mats Utas

Graphic Anthropology Field School by Kim Tondeur

Kim Tondeur , October 17th, 2016

The Graphic Anthropology Field School (GrAFs) is a project launched by Expeditions, an independent network of scholars in the human sciences. For 11 years, we have been holding…