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The Same Old Song and Dance: Nothing Has Been Done to Reduce Mass Shootings

Anthropology365 , May 26th, 2022

We are only a few days removed from the horrific mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX where nearly two dozen people were murdered in cold…

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Speak the Names of Those Who Were Lost

Adam Hodges , April 10th, 2019

Naming can dignify, disparage or even deny one’s social standing. Days after the horrific attack on the Christchurch mosque in New Zealand, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern spoke about…

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Re-framing Crime, Violence, and Poverty: new cinematic narratives of Black criminality in Imperial Dreams

ngraulich , October 12th, 2018

Introduction: reframings Redmond (2017) has noted that, in order to garner support for the punitive policies of the War on Drugs, Americans were presented with stories that framed…


Something to Shoot For

William M. Cotter , May 29th, 2018

A note for the reader:  I had the idea to attend a gun show and doing some writing about it a while ago, but the appeal of it…


Guns & Anthropology

Jason Antrosio , February 19th, 2018

For the March issue of Open Anthropology we will be highlighting anthropological responses and ethnographic resources on the topics of guns, gun violence, gun safety, and gun control….

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On Queer Amnesia

Elijah Edelman , August 4th, 2017

The AQA exists as a dedicated home for queer anthropology within the larger discipline. Nonetheless, in these pages, on the AN website, and in their own work, AQA…

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Guns Are Not an Equal Opportunity Destroyer

Elyse Bailey , November 1st, 2016

Firearms are a crucial link in the chain of violence, but they are also part of a bigger picture of social inequality in the US. Photo courtesy John…

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Gun Control Podcast – Bring Sanity to Gun Violence

Jason Antrosio , December 6th, 2015

Update 14 June 2017: Re-releasing this Gun Control Podcast from 2015 as the stories break on Alexandria and the San Francisco UPS. I support gun control and a…

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Gun Control Podcast – Bringing Sanity to Gun Violence

Jason Antrosio , December 6th, 2015

This gun control podcast was recorded October 2015 for a Natalia Reagan project which was to be titled “Science for Social Change.” At the time, the gun control…

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The Lost Space of Dissent: Amidst Charleston’s Unity

mstalcup , July 14th, 2015

The Editors of Anthropoliteia welcome Bradley Dunseith with a report from Charleston, South Carolina Knights of Columbus hall in Charleston, South Carolina. June 2015. Photo by Bradley Dunseith…


Anthropology and the State during Globalization

Jason Antrosio , November 7th, 2013

What’s happening with the anthropology of the state? It seemed that in the 1990s, anthropology was breaking from the ethnographic trilogy of one fieldworker, one village, one year,…

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