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Why Capitalize “Indigenous”?

(no-caption) Alison Wright/Getty Images Ask SAPIENS is a series that offers a glimpse into the magazine’s inner workings. Some readers may have …



Deep in the Arctic Circle, in the far north of Scandinavia, people belonging to the Sámi ethnic group herd reindeer. Nowadays only …


The Double Life of Coca

In Andean countries such as Peru and Bolivia, locals and tourists drink mate de coca, a tea made from coca leaves, to …


How to Resurrect Dying Languages

Hawaiian language teacher Nako’olani Warrington instructs 9-year-old Maleka Benjamin at an immersion school in Honolulu. Lucy Pemoni/AP Photo In the 1970s, the …


Why Are Languages Worth Preserving?

This illustration represents how Indigenous peoples around the globe, as highlighted by depictions of a few specific communities, are striving to keep …


A Tale of Two Ruins

I’ll show you a place, high on a desert plain / Where the streets have no name … —U2, The Joshua Tree, …