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AMAA on Cooking Data: Culture and Politics in an African Research World by Cal Biruk

Cal Biruk , December 8th, 2021

Questions developed by the members of CU Denver’s ANTH4600/5600, S2021: Kaylynn Aiona, Delilah Chavarria, Darcy Copeland, Keaton Green, Ari Jones, Caitlin Konchan, Chris Kuelling, Kuba Kwiecinski, Ro…


When Cash Rules: A Local Researcher/Activist’s Fieldnotes on “Passive Locals” Living Around Mailiao’s Petrochemical Complex

Lin Hung-Yang , August 17th, 2021

Yunlin is a coastal county in Western Taiwan famous for its agricultural produce, also known as “the barn of Taiwan.” However, the exchange value of agricultural produce has…


Spotlight! “Global STS: Transnational Network Building – Asia, Oceania, and Beyond” hosted by the STS Futures Initiative

Tim Quinn , June 24th, 2021

This week as part of our “ReAssembling Asias through Science” series, we would like to highlight an event held by the STS Futures Initiative last month. This panel…


Anglo-American hegemony in contemporary anthropology: Some personal dilemmas

David Berliner , April 23rd, 2021

Disclaimer: Over the last few days, I have had a writing episode. Nothing had come out of my brain for months. I was teaching online and worrying about…


Lightning strikes, or how an object of global health is made by Megan Vaughan

Megan Vaughan , April 15th, 2021

When we were children my mother always told us there was nothing to fear from thunderstorms. But it was hard not to notice that she did so whilst…


The Thinness of Care: The Promise of Medical Anthropology in MD/PhD Training by Joshua Franklin

Joshua Franklin , January 6th, 2021

In the mid-twentieth century, recognizing the growing need for innovations born of clinical experience, pathways for training MD-PhD physician-scientists emerged in the hopes that this hybrid trainin…


Podcast # 2 is online! Guest: Aleeha Ali

standplaatswereld , November 12th, 2020

In this episode, Puck de Boer talks with Aleeha Ali, who studied sociology in Pakistan, did a research master’s in anthropology in the UK and is currently a…

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COVID-19 and The Lessons Anthropology Learned from HIV/AIDS by Merrill Singer

Merrill Singer , June 30th, 2020

On April 24, 1980, Ken Horne, a San Francisco resident, was reported to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as a young man suffering with an old man’s…


You have to strike, assholes!!! #PostCoronaUniversity

Alessandro Chidichimo , June 18th, 2020

You ask, “What concrete actions can we take?” You have to strike, assholes! We need to take the example of Aboubakar Soumaoro in Italy, who organized the 21…


Responding to the pandemic of 21st century : Dynamics of power, intersections and the ‘Imagined Corona’ in India

Manisha Dutta , April 14th, 2020

The current times have seen a surge of concern around the soaring cases of the global pandemic of COVID 19. The novel nature of the virus has pitted…


Why is there Need for Long-Term Investment in the Uganda Virus Research Institute, The Home of Zika? by Julia Ross Cummiskey

Julia Ross Cummiskey , March 23rd, 2020

For Luganda click here. In early 2016, people across the United States became aware of a new threat—Zika virus. A New York Times article that April featured a…


Nourishment dilemmas: the complex science of caring for children with CZVS by Flávia Lima

Flávia Lima , February 24th, 2020

For English, click here. Dilemas alimentares: a complexa ciência de cuidar de crianças com a Síndrome Congênita do Vírus Zika Lila tem pouco mais de 20 anos, é…


Provincializing Metabolism (On the Poverty of Modernism) by Maurizio Meloni

Maurizio Meloni , January 28th, 2020

According to accepted wisdom and textbooks, “metabolism” is a nineteenth-century term and concept, established at the confluence of organic chemistry, cell biology, and physiology. In Microscopical R…


Bioethnography and the Birth Cohort: A Method for Making New Kinds of Anthropological Knowledge about Transmission (which is what anthropology has been about all along) by Elizabeth F.S. Roberts

Elizabeth F.S. Roberts , November 20th, 2019

© Elizabeth F. S. Roberts These are pots and dishes. They transmit food and love. They transmit lead. They transmit class. They transmit enduring inequality and new forms…


Clapperton Chakanetsa Mavhunga’s The Mobile Workshop: The Tsetse Fly and African Knowledge Production by Rosie Sims

Rosie Sims , November 11th, 2019

The Mobile Workshop: The Tsetse Fly and African Knowledge Production. Clapperton Chakanetsa Mavhunga   MIT Press, 2018. 412 pages. Clapperton Chakanetsa Mavhunga’s latest book, The…


Rapping Blackness

David Flood , September 12th, 2019

As a biracial man, there’s something visceral about being in a room full of black people of all shades, from across the United States—all of whom have dressed…

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Students as laboratory labor

Caitlin Wylie , July 16th, 2019

What is the role of students in universities? There are ongoing contentious debates and campus protests about whether graduate students should be considered employees with the right to…


When Women Take Up Space Not Built for Them

Alexandra Frankel , July 12th, 2019

It is not enough to be intentional and intersectional in research settings. We must rework the spaces of the academy and knowledge production to better acknowledge and suit…

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Unearthing Knowledge: Forensic Anthropology and Technologies of Memory

OlarteSierra , April 10th, 2018

What is commonly known as the Colombian conflict refers to more than six decades of enduring violence. During these years, a number of peace agreements have been signed…


Inside-out Jokes & Scientific Pantomimesis: Questioning Interpretations of the Inhuman

Scott W Schwartz , September 7th, 2016

In a fit of ambition, I attended or spoke at five academic conferences in the humanities and social sciences during the spring 2016 semester. Discipline specificity and conference…