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AMAA on Cooking Data: Culture and Politics in an African Research World by Cal Biruk

Cal Biruk , December 8th, 2021

Questions developed by the members of CU Denver’s ANTH4600/5600, S2021: Kaylynn Aiona, Delilah Chavarria, Darcy Copeland, Keaton Green, Ari Jones, Caitlin Konchan, Chris Kuelling, Kuba Kwiecinski, Ro…


Lightning strikes, or how an object of global health is made by Megan Vaughan

Megan Vaughan , April 15th, 2021

When we were children my mother always told us there was nothing to fear from thunderstorms. But it was hard not to notice that she did so whilst…


Thandeka Cochrane takes the page 99 test

| , February 8th, 2021

In the middle of the page a line jumps out: “Nthanu telling, therefore, encapsulates a moral performance”. Lying at the centre of page 99 this line also lies…

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The Limitations of Compassion in International Volunteering

Andrea Freidus , July 26th, 2019

On April 15, 2013, at 2:49 p.m., two bombs were detonated near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. The effects were physically devastating — three dead and…

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Book Review: Cooking Data: Culture and Politics in an African Research World by Crystal Biruk

Rose Deller , August 16th, 2018

In Cooking Data: Culture and Politics in an African Research World, Crystal Biruk offers an analysis of the production of data within HIV-AIDS quantitative survey research conducted in Malawi. This…

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If you eat Nsima, you are happy

standplaatswereld , November 22nd, 2017

By Liza Koch This photo essay is about the process of making Nsima flour, the most important food people eat every day in Malawi.

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