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#AcademicTwitter: A How-To Guide for Anthropologists

Footnotes Editor , March 8th, 2019

[Footnotes is excited to present a guest post by Jules Weiss. Jules Weiss (they/them pronouns) is a 2nd year MA student in Applied Anthropology at Oregon State University….


Decanonizing Anthropology

Footnotes Editor , February 15th, 2019

Reworking the History of Social Theory for 21st Century Anthropology: A Syllabus Project Authors: Rebecca Renee Buell, Samuel Burns, Zhuo Chen, Lisa Grabinsky, Argenis Hurtado Moreno, Katherine S…


Streamline(d) – “Time Served”

William M. Cotter , July 7th, 2018

This post is the beginning of an experiment. Recent ethnoGRAPHIC work like Lissa: A Story about Medical Promise, Friendship, and Revolution by Sherine Hamdy and Coleman Nye, as well…