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Revealing an Ice Age Route for Indigenous Peoples

Jacqueline Knirnschild , March 8th, 2022

Research at British Columbia’s Topknot Lake and Little Woss Lake shows what the environment might have been like during the last ice age. Shanna Baker This article was…


AMAA on Enduring Cancer: Life, Death and Diagnosis in Delhi by Dwaipayan Banerjee

Dwaipayan Banerjee , January 21st, 2022

On concepts and consequences:  Can we take the concepts of speech and silence, and care and disregard, which you outline throughout the book, outside the context of Delhi…


West African Migration: The Dangers of a Single Story

Alice Hertzog , October 19th, 2021

“The single story creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.”  Chimamanda Ngozi…


What Does It Mean to Decolonize Heritage?

Annalisa Bolin and David Nkusi , October 6th, 2021

At the King’s Palace Museum in Nyanza District, Rwanda, tourists can visit coffee shops built in a traditional architectural style. GIZ/Martin Karenzi Most tourists visit the district of…


#PoliticalEngagement: Collaboration and Creativity

Veronica Ferreri , September 28th, 2021

It was already dark when I entered the small shop in the informal camp in rural Lebanon, where Khulud was waiting for customers. This was my first return…


#PoliticalEngagements: Punctuation and Flow

Gabriela Manley , September 22nd, 2021

The past two years have been marked by an ever-accelerating cascade of global “events”: once in a lifetime events, generational events, unexpected events, catastrophic events. From climate change…


#PoliticalEngagements: Defiant Engagements

Valentina Zagaria , September 21st, 2021

Working in political environments that run counter to our personal values and commitments, and with people who are challenging these contexts in different ways, led us to think…


Can Indigenous Language Comics Save a Mother Tongue?

Aaron Gerry , September 16th, 2021

This comic book reimagines the oral traditions of Mexico’s Ñäñho people, introducing mischievous creatures called Tlaloques, which inspired the toy at left. María Gámez Tlaloc is a tempes…


These Unheralded Workers Are Helping Prevent the Next Wildfire

Salvador Zárate , September 15th, 2021

The author’s late father, Juan Zárate (left), leads a weed abatement crew in Orange County, California. Jon Anderson/Orange County Weed Abatement Program A few months after the wildfire…


How Pottery Offers Glimpses Into Ancient Foodways

Carolyn Wilke , September 8th, 2021

[no-caption] The Archaeological Mission in the Sahara This article was originally published at Knowable Magazine and has been republished under Creative Commons. Unearthed from the graves…


Will Bog Archaeology Fade Away?

Nathaniel Scharping , August 31st, 2021

Archaeologists excavate a bog in Hatfield Moors, England, to uncover Late Stone Age structures. Henry Chapman In the southernmost tip of Sweden, just over an hour from neighboring…


Is Homo longi an Extinct Human Species?

Anthony Sinclair , August 4th, 2021

[no-caption] Chuang Zhao This article was originally published at The Conversation and has been republished under Creative Commons. In 1933, a mysterious fossil skull was discovered near …


Towards an Anthropology of Coups

Jastinder Kaur , July 27th, 2021

When is a coup a coup? Reflections on the anthropological study of ‘coups’ There have been more than 200 coups in 95 countries over the last 75 years,…


Introducing the Other “AI”: Anthropology Intelligence

Gillian Tett , July 20th, 2021

[no-caption] DrAfter123/Getty Images “The last thing a fish would ever notice would be water.” —attributed to anthropologist Ralph Linton I sat in a drab Soviet hotel room in…


The Evolution of Throwing

Marta Zaraska , July 15th, 2021

United States Olympic athlete Kara Winger competes in the women’s javelin throw in 2019. Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP/Getty Images With the Tokyo Olympics on the horizon, Kara Winger is trainin…


Tiny Snails Help Solve a Giant Mystery

Keridwen Cornelius , July 8th, 2021

People must regularly repair and rechalk the Cerne Abbas Giant, or “Rude Man,” in Dorset, England, to prevent it from becoming overgrown, carrying on a practice that stretches…


How to Work With a Developmental Editor

Nicola Jones , June 30th, 2021

[no-caption] Rawpixel/Getty Images Ask SAPIENS is a series that offers a glimpse into the magazine’s inner workings. I sometimes shudder to think of my authors’ faces when they…


Your Life is Data – Wie erleben Studierende die Pandemie? (#WitnessingCorona)

Jenny Rosenberg , June 11th, 2021

Hide Press Release (2 Less Words) Laura Siebert Mein Leben als Material für meine anthropologische Forschung? Genau diesen Ansatz verfolgt die sogenannte Autoethnographie. Dabei bilden die autobiograp…


How Migrant Filmmakers Practice Archival Activism

Megan A. Carney , June 9th, 2021

Participants of FunKino, a collaborative filmmaking laboratory in Italy, discuss ideas for storyboarding in 2019. FunKino—Cinema for Inclusion project promoted by Zabbara In the first sce…


How Black Caribbean Communities Are Reviving an Ancestral Dance Tradition

Eshe Lewis , April 29th, 2021

Bèlè dancers and musicians help shape how some Martinicans envision their future society. Benny René Charles As public discussions about social justice and Black resistance continue in th…


Sheena Kalayil discusses her book, Second-Generation South Asian Britons

| , April 12th, 2021

Interview by Kim Fernandes https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781498580038/Second-Generation-South-Asian-Britons-Multilingualism-Heritage-Languages-and-Diasporic-Identity Kim Fernandes: In your book,…

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How to Pitch: A Guide for Anthropologists

Chip Colwell , March 2nd, 2021

Writing a pitch involves untangling your ideas into a clear message. mikroman6/Getty Images So, you think you have the seeds of a great essay or opinion piece. Maybe…


Why Write for SAPIENS?

Chip Colwell , February 18th, 2021

In the summer of 1960, Jane Goodall left England for what is now Gombe National Park in Tanzania. With the aid of legendary paleoanthropologist Louis Leakey, Goodall was…


The Phantom Forests That Built Mesa Verde

Stephen E. Nash , February 17th, 2021

Mesa Verde National Park (MVNP) in what is today southwestern Colorado is a UNESCO World Heritage site dedicated to the preservation and presentation of the amazing cliff dwellings…