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What Is Cultural Anthropology?

Emily Sekine , September 27th, 2022

Cultural anthropologists seek to understand the dizzyingly diverse ways people live today, including how they think, act, create, struggle, make meaning, and organize their societies. WHAT IS CULTURAL…


See You Later, Thick Data – Part 2

DISTRACT , September 21st, 2022

This blogpost is part of the methodological series “See You Later, Thick Data – How we experimented with doing collaborative fieldwork as part of an interdisciplinary research project”….


See You Later, Thick Data – Part 1

DISTRACT , September 14th, 2022

This blogpost is part of the methodological series “See You Later, Thick Data – How we experimented with doing collaborative fieldwork as part of an interdisciplinary research project”….


Misperceiving Life Expectancy in the Deep Past

Marlaina Martin , September 14th, 2022

An archaeologist explains that most people do not calculate life expectancy correctly. This leads to misunderstandings. This article was originally published at The Conversation and has been republis…


See You Later, Thick Data – Part 3

DISTRACT , September 12th, 2022

This blogpost is part of the methodological series “See You Later, Thick Data – How we experimented with doing collaborative fieldwork as part of an interdisciplinary research project”….


Finding Mental Health Issues Hidden in the Past

Sophie Muro , September 8th, 2022

An archaeologist speculates about how to uncover evidence of depression, anxiety, and neurodiversities in ancient humans. ✽ Hi, my name is Paige, and I have generalized anxiety and…


Preface: “See You Later, Thick Data”

DISTRACT , September 7th, 2022

Anthrodendum is pleased to welcome guest bloggers Sofie, Clara, and Emilie. They are a group of junior scholars working as part of the interdisciplinary research project called DISTRACT,…


Archaeology at the Borders of the Refugee Crisis

Marlaina Martin , September 7th, 2022

Archaeological methods, which are typically used to study the past, can also illuminate the experiences of today’s displaced people. This article was originally published at Knowable Magazine and…


What Ended This Hub of Ancient Maya Life?

Marlaina Martin , September 1st, 2022

A bioarchaeologist reflects on how a team of scientists investigated various elements that contributed to the destabilization and ultimate breakdown of Mayapán. This article was originally published …


Excavating My Dad’s Life

Keridwen Cornelius , August 31st, 2022

An archaeologist navigates her dad’s passing by using the methods of her discipline to preserve his office and gain insight into the mysteries of his personality. ✽ In…


What Is Anthropological Poetry?

Emily Sekine , August 30th, 2022

SAPIENS’ poetry editor and inaugural poet-in-residence break down what makes certain poems anthropological and explore how poetry has the potential to transform ways of thinking and being in…


Can Machine Learning Translate Ancient Egyptian Texts?

Bree KellyBrian Ballsun-Stanton, Camilla Di Biase-Dyson, and Alexandra Woods , June 9th, 2022

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs adorn the Temple of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu near Luxor. Vyacheslav Argenberg/Wikimedia Commons I have long been intrigued by archaeogaming—an academic di…


Can Machine Learning Translate Ancient Egyptian Texts?

SAPIENS , June 9th, 2022

A new program aims to use AI to help academics and the public decipher hieroglyphs. Here’s an inside look at how—and whether—it works. ✽ I have long been…


Tree Rings Are Evidence of the Megadrought—and Our Doom

Stephen E. Nash , June 2nd, 2022

I love trees. I also love dendrochronology—literally, “the study of tree time.” This science, which uses data derived from tree growth rings, provides scientists with a wealth of…


What the Vai Script Reveals About the Evolution of Writing

Piers Kelly , May 19th, 2022

This handwritten example of Vai script dates to around 1850. British Library/Wikimedia Commons In a small West African village, a man named Momolu Duwalu Bukele had a compelling…


Here’s How to Make Olive Oil Like an Ancient Egyptian

Emlyn Dodd , May 18th, 2022

“Hand Clutching an Olive Branch,” 1353–1323 B.C., New Kingdom, Amarna Period. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of Norbert Schimmel, 1981 This article was originally published at The…


What Is SAPIENS Magazine?

Chip Colwell , April 26th, 2022

SAPIENS magazine is an online portal for readers to better understand the world and what it means to be human. AerialPerspective Images/Getty Images WHAT IS SAPIENS MAGAZINE? SAPIENS…


What Do Anthropologists Do?

Chip Colwell , April 19th, 2022

A person documents a centuries-old Basque carnival in Alsasua, Spain. Many anthropologists investigate cultural phenomena, such as rituals and religious traditions. NurPhoto/Getty Images …


Scholarly Podcasting Book: Invitation to a Public Mass Peer Review

Cook, Ian M. , March 23rd, 2022

I (Ian, member of the Allegra Lab editorial collective) ‘wrote’ a book called ‘Scholarly Podcasting: Why, What, How?’. It’ll come out in autumn. I was motivated to write…

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How to Promote Research on Social Media

Chip Colwell , March 17th, 2022

Since SAPIENS launched in 2016, several social media outlets have been central to the magazine’s promotion strategy. Every week, we publish multiple posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram…


Revealing an Ice Age Route for Indigenous Peoples

Jacqueline Knirnschild , March 8th, 2022

Research at British Columbia’s Topknot Lake and Little Woss Lake shows what the environment might have been like during the last ice age. Shanna Baker This article was…


AMAA on Enduring Cancer: Life, Death and Diagnosis in Delhi by Dwaipayan Banerjee

Dwaipayan Banerjee , January 21st, 2022

On concepts and consequences:  Can we take the concepts of speech and silence, and care and disregard, which you outline throughout the book, outside the context of Delhi…


West African Migration: The Dangers of a Single Story

Alice Hertzog , October 19th, 2021

“The single story creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.”  Chimamanda Ngozi…


What Does It Mean to Decolonize Heritage?

Annalisa Bolin and David Nkusi , October 6th, 2021

At the King’s Palace Museum in Nyanza District, Rwanda, tourists can visit coffee shops built in a traditional architectural style. GIZ/Martin Karenzi Most tourists visit the district of…