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Food Justice and Cultural Appropriation: How do Place and Nostalgia Fit?

foodanthro , December 20th, 2021

Editor’s Note: This is part of a series of postings by students in a graduate seminar on food justice at the University of New Orleans. You can read…


Photo Essay: Finding a place for historical nostalgia in Postcolonial Anthropology

standplaatswereld , January 13th, 2021

by Yatou Sallah I have long been intrigued by the anthropological framing of Africans in the context of postcolonialism. As scholars and theorists in the field attempt to…

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On unsolicited nostalgia and Tinder frustrations

Leah Junck , December 10th, 2020

‘I’ve been here before’ – the feeling of the present being firmly rooted in the past can be intense and disorienting. It is difficult to trace, like a…


“Make Space Great Again”

William Lempert , April 3rd, 2020

Nostalgic Amnesia on the Final Frontier (Center) Kanye West meeting with Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner, (Ends) Logos for Starfleet Command and the Space Force While delivering a…

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The Server Souvenir: Taking Home Remnants of Virtual Worlds

Evan Conaway , December 10th, 2019

“It’s amazing to think those little circuits that we can carry around were an entire world to us.” –Diana*, interviewee “We might say that this capacity of objects…


Nellie’s green lipped mussels #MeadCompetition

Hadas Ore , February 7th, 2017

One Wednesday afternoon, about four years following my family’s migration from Israel to New Zealand, I was gripped by a sudden urge to bake “challah” (The Friday night…


The Beach – A Frontier of Nostalgia

Jo Aiken , February 19th, 2016

by Duane Jethro The beach is a place of waste and ruin. Rotting seaweed, stinking dead seals, cracked and crushed shells, deflated bluebottles, fat blobs of translucent jellyfish…

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Structurele nostalgie of gewoon pret? De 78-toeren plaat

standplaatswereld , February 5th, 2016

door Freek Colombijn De Nederlandse muziekindustrie schijnt het goed gedaan te hebben in 2015, maar de trend van fysieke muziekdragers als CDs is een gestaag dalende verkoop. De…

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