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Ethnographies of Nuclear Life: From Victimhood to Post-Victimization

Maxime Polleri , March 1st, 2022

Listen to an audio recording of this post by the author here. This browser does not support HTML5 audio Iitate village, located in Fukushima Prefecture, is typic…


Queered Ruptures: The Politics of Anti-irradiation Maternalism in the TEPCO Nuclear Disaster, Kokutai, and Hentai

Tomoki Birkett , February 10th, 2022

“Warped Pervert.” Parking lot in Iwaki city, Fukushima prefecture, Japan. June 10, 2019. Video by author. See note 1 for additional information. Listen to this post read by…


Reactions and Ruptures: Ethnographies of Nuclear Life

Timothy Neale , February 1st, 2022

Recording of Reactions and Ruptures This browser does not support HTML5 audio In one sense, nuclear materials direct our attention to the vibrancy and reactivity…


#Pragmatism & the Magic Book for Nuclear Power

Vincent Ialenti , March 3rd, 2016

This is a brightly colored South Korean pro-nuclear children’s book adorned with friendly animals dancing around a light bulb in front of a nuclear power plant. The title…