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Did Processed Foods Make Us Human?

Anthropologist Bill Schindler uses techniques developed thousands of years ago to prepare fresh-caught salmon during the filming of National Geographic’s The Great …


A Mammoth Find Near Mexico City

Archaeologists, restorers, and laborers have worked together to uncover thousands of late Pleistocene animal remains. Melitón Tapia, National Institute of Anthropology and …


Who Decided It Was Bad to Be Fat?

In 2009, supermodel Kate Moss caused a stir when she categorically stated that “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” As jaw-dropping …


Why Don’t More Humans Eat Bugs?

Ten years ago, toiling in scorching heat on the parched Fongoli savanna in southeast Senegal, anthropologist Julie Lesnik faced an unpalatable task. …


How Human Smarts Evolved

[no-caption] Sara López Gilabert/SAPIENS Suzana Herculano-Houzel spent most of 2003 perfecting a macabre recipe—a formula for brain soup. Sometimes she froze the …