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Lettre à Madame la Maire

Nathalia Turincev , February 24th, 2021

Le 4 janvier 2021   English Version Madame la Maire,   Si je vous écris aujourd’hui, c’est pour vous faire part de ma tristesse, et de mon indignation….


Academic Fictions: Lettre à France

Mathilde Pasta , February 24th, 2021

English Version Paris, le 22 Décembre 2020 Chère France, Comme tu[i] le sais, j’ai assisté, sur tes recommandations, au Congrès International des Capitales du monde. Je dois admettre…


Il faut tuer

genova68 , April 10th, 2020

1929 hielt Le Corbusier in Buenos Aires einen Vortrag zum Thema Städtebau und sagte: Il faut tuer la rue-corridor. Bedeutet so viel wie, man müsse die Korridor-Straße und…

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Times of Security: Ethnographies of Fear, Protest and the Future

wirnita , May 26th, 2016

The editors of Anthropoliteia present to you the latest in our occasion series Interrogations, in which authors of recent volumes of interest to our readers discuss their work….


Low expectations for Paris climate talks

Vito Laterza , November 29th, 2015

On Monday 30 November, around 150 heads of state are expected to meet in Paris for twelve days for the 2015 climate change conference, also known as COP21….

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What war? Whose war?

standplaatswereld , November 20th, 2015

Internal changes must come about. © Cindy Cornett Seigle, via creative commons. By Thijl Sunier The day after the attacks in Paris, the French President François Hollande declared…

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anthro in the news 11/16/15

anthropologyworks , November 16th, 2015

  France as terrorist target ATTN (France) published an article documenting recent terrorist attacks in France along with commentary from cultural anthropologist John Bowen’s article in Time. Ja…


Pray for All

Alexandra Lara , November 15th, 2015

Three days ago, a massive terrorist attack took place in various locations in Paris, France. About 130 were killed and roughly 350 were injured. The entire world had…

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Why Not “Je Suis Lassana”?

Alma Gottlieb , February 1st, 2015

Much of the Western world has expressed solidarity with the right to publish offensive cartoons by identifying with the cartoonists at the iconoclastic weekly, Charlie Hebdo, who were…

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