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Strangers in unfamiliar environments: Struggles for subjectivity in a dementia care ward by Ingunn Moser

Ingunn Moser , September 24th, 2018

During fieldwork on dementia care in a nursing home, I was struck by the complex and layered orderings of space, time and subjectivity in daily life on the…


The Crêperie at Nanterre

eli , November 23rd, 2017

The University of Paris-X at Nanterre is now just called Université Paris Nanterre. I went there this week to poke around in the archives of my fieldsite. On the…


Cooking Up an International Market for Quinoa – new essay by Adam Gamwell and Corinna Howland out today on SAPIENS!

Gamwell , August 16th, 2017

Hey there in Anthro Land, we’re thrilled to let you know TAL’s Adam Gamwell and Corinna Howland have published a feature photo essay on everyone’s favorite food – quinoa…

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Graduation as seen by faculty

eli , May 15th, 2017

Last Friday, as my last work event at Whittier College (since my postdoc contract is finishing up), I went to graduation. A few observations on graduation as seen from the…


iPhone combat: Bloggers: 1, Jean-Louis Gassee: 0

Grant , September 20th, 2016

I’m a big fan of Jean-Louis Gassée. So I was pleased to see a new post from him today It’s called iPhone Nonsensus: Apple’s Debt To Bloggers. Gassee goes after…

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Whittier College at the end of summer

eli , August 23rd, 2016

I grew up partly in a college town, and I’ve been around college campuses most of my life. One of my favorite times of year is this late-summer empty…


Hard enough… (a photo essay)

Dissertation writing scene

eli , August 18th, 2013

  This is the roof of the library where I’m writing a first draft of the introduction to my dissertation. The sunshine is always encouraging. In writing the…