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Batman’s Butler Alfred Philosophizes about Colonial Violence in British Burma

“Anthropology in Germany”: My report on the 2017 conference of the German Anthropological Association

mxschnepf , October 22nd, 2017

Despite storm Xavier complicating the journey to Freie Universität in Berlin’s south, anthropologists working in Germany and beyond came together for the biannual conference of the German Anthropologi…


"I Want to Disturb My Neighbour": Stuart Hall and the Role of the Public intellectual.

Human Economy Blog , March 19th, 2014

By Doreen Gordon There have been many tributes to the Jamaican born thinker, Stuart Hall. He was remarkable for his ability to move between the worlds of the…


Why we need an anthropology beyond good and evil

Dr. Marranci , September 1st, 2013

As some of you may have noticed, not only has my blog shifted from a specialist focus within the field of anthropology to a more generally anthropological one,…

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