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Sorting It Out: Sustainability in Higher Education

guestauth0r , November 15th, 2021

by Kathy Zhang In May of 2021, I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with a combined degree in Environmental and Sustainability Studies and Art. I…

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Waste and Recycling in Cold War Eastern Europe

guestauth0r , April 12th, 2021

This short study analyzes the professional and political discussions of post-industrial and post-consumer waste, discards and recycling in state-socialist Hungary and connects these discourses with th…

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On Wishcycling

guestauth0r , February 15th, 2021

Wishcycling is the process of placing discards into the recycling bin even when there’s little to no chance for their recovery. The term entered common use over the…

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Agbogbloshie: Dumping no more

guestauth0r , March 9th, 2020

Agbogbloshie is a part of an emergent globalised scrap economy that links peripheral markets to global metal flows. In this post, Dagna Rams argues for the need to…

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Myths of the Circular Economy

guestauth0r , November 18th, 2019

Discard studies spoke with three leading waste researchers about the biggest myths of the circular economy.

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Does recycling actually conserve or preserve things?

guestauth0r , February 11th, 2019

By Samantha MacBride There are a series of assumptions behind the familiar assertion that recycling saves resources and energy, and in so doing, protects the environment. These assumptions…

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What the world misses about recycling

guestauth0r , October 22nd, 2018

Recycling was never just a solution to a disposal crisis, and it did not uniformly reduce total waste management costs. Rather, it addresses a range of other concerns…

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Why Is This Trash Can Yelling at Me? Big Bellies and Clean Green Gentrification

Jacob Doherty , June 20th, 2018

“Pssst. There’s something really special happening here. I’m collecting five times more trash than the other guys and using solar energy to compact it all. Welcome to downtown…

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Resources for Observing and Understanding America Recycles Day

guestauth0r , November 15th, 2017

Wednesday is America Recycles Day. It’s a day that reveals the complex history of industry, consumer, and social attitudes towards the environment.

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Moving the Circular Economy Beyond Alchemy

guestauth0r , November 13th, 2017

This review of a special issue of the Journal of Industrial Ecology titled, “Exploring the Circular Economy” is a virtual tour of circular economy definitions and current directions….

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Examining Waste as an Economic Externality

guestauth0r , October 30th, 2017

In an economic sense, it is usually municipal and state governments that account for the cost of damage waste causes to local environments when deciding how to deal…

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Eco Messe

he_co , October 8th, 2017

Ökologie und Mode – passt das überhaupt zusammen? Teil 2 Eine wirkliche Alternative zu der üblichen Wegwerfmode, ein schöner Gedanke. Die Arbeitsbedingungen und Produktionsdetails bekannter Kett…



he_co , September 30th, 2017

Ökologie und Mode – passt das überhaupt zusammen? Teil 1 Ökologisch und fair produzierte Mode – das Thema der Eco-Fashion-Messe während der Fashion Week Berlin. Im Juli 2017…


We can’t recycle our way to ‘zero waste’

guestauth0r , July 24th, 2017

Why is recycling low on the waste hierarchy?

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Recycling Reconsidered: A must-read text for discard studies

Max Liboiron , June 5th, 2017

If I could only recommend one text in discard studies, it would be Recycling Reconsidered by Samantha MacBride (2011, MIT Press).

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Special Issue on the Circular Economy in Journal of Industrial Ecology

guestauth0r , May 29th, 2017

“Viewed as a concept by some, a framework by others, the CE is an alternative to a traditional take-make-dispose linear economy. A CE aims to keep products, components,…

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Electronics Reuse and Recycling in Peru: A Photographic exploration

guestauth0r , March 27th, 2017

A walk down this little street in Peru’s capital provides a glimpse into an understated network that quietly plays a critical role in reducing the environmental impacts of…

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An Open Letter to My Children

Alma Gottlieb , November 9th, 2016

Dear Nathaniel and Hannah, I am sorry that my generation has failed you. We have bequeathed you a world that has too many problems, too much fear, and too much…

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Occasional Paper 6: Destructivistas

Material World , September 13th, 2016

Joel Cahen (2012, revised 2016) With our present day awareness, the arts as we have known them up to now appear to us in general to be fakes…

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The Politics of Recycling vs. Reusing

Max Liboiron , March 9th, 2016

Calling reuse “recycling” a common and seemingly simple mistake, yet it is extremely important to differentiate between the two for political and environmental reasons.

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How to do a household waste audit–and why

Max Liboiron , February 21st, 2016

A waste audit is an analysis of a localized waste stream from your building, household, classroom, town or business. It can identify what types of waste that local…

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A Circular Economy? Disruptive Innovation Festival

Max Liboiron , November 2nd, 2015

What is the circular economy, exactly? Is it capitalism with better accounting? Is it about scaling up recycling and reuse? Is it about consuming less, and producing less,…

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The Ocean Conservatory’s Call for Mass Incineration in Asia: Disposability for Profit, Fantasies of Containment, & Colonialism

Max Liboiron , October 3rd, 2015

The Ocean Conservatory would like to burn 80% of the waste in coastal Asia with US-made incinerators. According to a wide range of experts and grassroots organizations from…

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The Power Behind Disposability: Why New York City’s ban on polystyrene was vilified, sued, and reversed

Max Liboiron , September 29th, 2015

On July 1 New York City banned disposable Styrofoam containers. First they were sued over the decision, and last week the ban was overturned. What is the big…

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