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Thinking Without a Concept

Chelsea Horton , November 20th, 2020

How an artistic method can challenge and enrich our understandings of vision and knowledge. Imagine […] an eye which does not respond to the name of everything but…

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Podcast # 2 is online! Guest: Aleeha Ali

standplaatswereld , November 12th, 2020

In this episode, Puck de Boer talks with Aleeha Ali, who studied sociology in Pakistan, did a research master’s in anthropology in the UK and is currently a…

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The Way We Were?

Alexandra Frankel , April 8th, 2019

The radicalism of the 1960s transformed anthropology. But ours was not the racist, exoticizing, colonial project it was imagined to be. The 1960s—Vietnam and resistance to the war;…

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Writing a tailor-made thesis

standplaatswereld , September 12th, 2018

by Suzanne Jansen A finished thesis is a tailor-made product: it has that perfect mixture of scientific knowledge embedded in lively ethnographic tales of the field. In my…

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Call for Proposals: From 1969 to 2019

Alexandra Frankel , September 5th, 2018

1969—Stonewall, British troops sent to Northern Ireland, Equal Employment Opportunity, Biafra, Woodstock, Shirley Chisholm becomes the first Black congresswoman, the Apollo 11 moon landing, combat dea…

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Personalizing Access, Personalizing Praxis #hautalk

Emma Louise Backe , June 26th, 2018

Anthropology trained us to identify systems of oppression, those “invisibilized” dimensions of culture that reek of prejudice, privilege, and disproportionate power dynamics. These are the very theore…


The Limits of Academic Freedom

The Familiar Strange , May 23rd, 2018

We need to acknowledge the role we all play in silencing research. Consider the times we have dismissed a colleague’s idea because it ‘isn’t worth it’, or immediately…

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Anthropological Reflections on a Family Death

The Familiar Strange , February 21st, 2018

Comparing my own experiences of death to those of the Tiwi culture that I learned of in my anthropology studies, the void that I felt in the months…

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Invisible Lines, Sacrificial Children and Touchy Subjects: Ethics in Psychiatric Anthropology

Julia Brown , February 7th, 2018

As I now write up my data, I’m representing people that I can no longer consult. I can only draw on the words they gave me and the…

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Anthropology and the Rashomon Effect

Alexandra Frankel , December 15th, 2017

A Reflection on Group Fieldwork. There is a high-fever-pitch limbic sensation of simultaneously registering something you heard or read as wrong, and the antsy, itchy, compulsion to raise…

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Anthropology for the Planet

Alexandra Frankel , November 17th, 2017

Partnering with business for sustainability. Although the US federal government under the Trump administration is working to roll back the Environmental Protection Agency and withdraw from the Paris…

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When ‘White Privilege’ Becomes Uncomfortably Familiar

The Familiar Strange , October 18th, 2017

Author: Nonie Tuxen, PhD candidate in the Sociology of Education at the ANU. Nonie’s research explores youth engagement with international education and how class status is correspondingly (re)produce…

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Ethnography of the University Initiative at the University of Illinois

Eli Thorkelson , September 9th, 2017

A few years ago there was a special issue of LATISS about a noteworthy initiative at the University of Illinois, the Ethnography of the University Initiative (EUI), which…


Answered With A Question Mark: Researcher Reflexivity in Geek Spaces

Nick Mizer , September 8th, 2017

BY STEVEN DASHIELL Graduate school has in many ways blessed me with what I call a researcher’s eye, or the ability to view the world in an ethnographic…

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Institutionalizing Critical University Studies

Eli Thorkelson , June 9th, 2017

One thing I’ve been keeping an eye on for a while is the slow institutionalization of a subfield of “Critical University Studies” (call it CUS). For those who…


What is a researcher? A personal manifesto

amysantee , February 24th, 2017

Thinking in terms of a business and design context, what is a researcher? There is no one path, no one exact job description, no one single approach or…


The Anthropoliteia #BlackLivesMatter Syllabus Project, Week 19: Anne Galvin on Reflexivity and the White Anthropologist

smulla16 , February 15th, 2017

The editors of Anthropoliteia are happy to continue an ongoing series The Anthropoliteia #BlackLivesMatterSyllabus Project, which will mobilize anthropological work as a pedagogical exercise addressin…


Visual Ethnographic Marginalia – Challenging the Dark Side: Udan Agung

Robert Lemelson , May 5th, 2016

We are announcing the first piece in a new series that we will be promoting on the Psycho Cultural Cinema blog on “Visual Ethnographic Marginalia” which are multimedia…

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REDUX: Responsibility and Scholarship in the Current Political Moment – Graduate Conference | 25-26 September 2015

Alison Hanson , December 24th, 2015

Anthropology today is in a moment of creative rupture, redefinition, and profound possibility. Our collective intellectual energy is directed toward contemporary social and political issues with a new…


On real problems

eli , July 7th, 2015

I came across a confrontational moment in one of my interview transcripts. We had been talking about philosophers’ metanarratives about “truth.” But my interlocutor found my question…


Medical anthropology, relatedness, and analytical cannibalism

Alex K. Gearin , January 12th, 2015

Despite Hiedegger’s revolutionary claim that it is not possible to escape existence and find a view of the world from nowhere,we continue to divide anthropology into neat subfields— defined typi…

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I Want a Different Indonesia

Arshinta , March 20th, 2014

“Daddy, you cannot die now, because now I have finally become successful, I can buy a car, I can build a house, I can finally prove myself to…

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