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Responsibility for refugee education: Education by the state but not for the state?

Rose Deller , June 20th, 2022

Monday 20 June is World Refugee Day. Sarah Dryden-Peterson draws from her recent book, Right Where We Belong: How Refugee Teachers and Students Are Changing the Future of…

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Open Letters from African Students from Ukraine who fled to Germany (with a Report on the “Welcome Conference BIPoC Ukraine” organized by Peace-by-Peace in Berlin on May 16, 2022)

Redakteur , June 9th, 2022

Hide Press Release (3 Less Words) Ziga Podgornik Jakil Introduction With the old deadline for applying for a residence permit for war refugees from Ukraine in Germany expiring…


Open Letters from African Students from Ukraine who fled to Germany

Redakteur , May 5th, 2022

This series of letters began with an introduction published jointly by Blog Medizinethnologie of the Working Group Medical Anthropology and the Blogsite of the Working Group Public Anthropology…


Profit over people? The ‘big business’ of tough immigration laws.

Renata Segal , April 22nd, 2022

By Renata Carvalho As the new Nationality and Borders Bill sparks yet another wave of debates over the United Kingdom’s immigration tactics, it is important to ask: who…

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An Open Letter from African Students from Ukraine who fled to Germany (with an Introductory Text on the Situation of African Students in Germany by Ziga Podgornik Jakil)

Redakteur , April 11th, 2022

Hide Press Release (10 Less Words) Ziga Podgornik Jakil, in Collaboration with African Students from Ukraine (Figure 1: Aid for refugees at Berlin main station. Author: Leonhard Lenz….


A Strange Past Returns Strangely

Alma Gottlieb , March 3rd, 2022

The last time I heard anyone utter the name, Przemysl, I must have been ten or eleven years old. In his thickly Yiddishized English, my maternal grandfather must…


Book Review: Refuge in a Moving World: Tracing Refugee and Migrant Journeys Across Disciplines edited by Elena F. Qasmiyeh

Rose Deller , January 18th, 2022

In Refuge in a Moving World: Tracing Refugee and Migrant Journeys Across Disciplines, editor Elena F. Qasmiyeh brings together contributors to offer an interdisciplinary exploration of the complexitie…

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Ana Croegaert on her book, Bosnian Refugees in Chicago

| , January 17th, 2022

Interview by Dejan Duric https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781793623065/Bosnian-Refugees-in-Chicago-Gender-Performance-and-Post-War-Economies Dejan Duric: Your book sheds light on the many ways in w…

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“Legibility by Invitation”: Rohingya Refugees and the Struggle for Political Recognition

Nursyazwani Jamaludin , September 28th, 2021

Once, in mid-August 2018 in a café tucked away in Klang Valley, Malaysia, Husin, my Rohingya research collaborator, and I sat with Fatimah, a young Rohingya woman. As…


Book Review: The Coloniality of Asylum: Mobility, Autonomy and Solidarity in the Wake of Europe’s Refugee Crisis by Fiorenza Picozza

Rose Deller , February 16th, 2021

In The Coloniality of Asylum: Mobility, Autonomy and Solidarity in the Wake of Europe’s Refugee Crisis, Fiorenza Picozza offers a new ethnographic study of autonomous border struggles in Hamburg, Germ…

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A different perspective on “child marriages” among Syrian refugees in Jordan

standplaatswereld , February 9th, 2021

By Marina de Regt For years, humanitarian organisations in Jordan and Lebanon have been concerned about the increasing number of “child marriages” among Syrian refugees. While early marriages…

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Sanderien Verstappen: Hidden behind toilet rolls: visual landscapes of COVID-19

focaal_admin , January 14th, 2021

During the lockdowns of spring 2020, short videos became a popular means of reflecting on new experiences of quarantine and social distancing. Passed around on social media platforms,…


Localising support to displaced populations during and after Covid-19

Dorien Braam , July 4th, 2020

As Covid-19 continues to spread at a worrying pace, refugees around the world run the double risk of being hit by the virus and by the negative impact…

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Managing Refugee Mobilities: Global Flows of Migration Deterrence Technologies

Helena Zeweri , June 18th, 2020

In 2000, a United Nations Resolution designated June 20th World Refugee Day. In the week leading up to this day, countries throughout the world pay homage to the…


Keeping social distance and keeping them out

Tom Marshall , May 19th, 2020

‘The last time I saw my friends, I was invited to their place inside the refugee camp for lunch. It was long before the introduction of coronavirus quarantine….


Why do refugee children continue to take perilous journeys to reach the UK? 

isabelsoloaga , April 27th, 2020

Our government just removed the only legislation providing an alternative. by Isabel Soloaga In January, I revisited the refugee camps in Northern France, where I have volunteered since…

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Coronavirus: Less Humanitarianism, More Politics!

Julie Billaud , March 25th, 2020

This essay was written seated on my couch, trying to make sense of the contemporary ‘state of emergency’ as the world around me has gradually come to a…


How Names Tell Stories of Loss and Resilience

Kate Ruder , November 7th, 2019

Bhutanese Nepali performers—including Shyam “San” Rai at center—pose at a cultural festival. Katie Reilly When Shyam “San” Rai was 8 years old, he and his family were forced…


Rumba is good, even through war, through Ebola

Blockchain Reactions: The peril and promise of techno-governance for stateless Rohingya

Elliott Prasse-Freeman , July 30th, 2019

While Myanmar’s recent ethnic cleansing of its Rohingya minority, which saw 800,000 people driven into Bangladesh, has brought the community’s oppression to the world’s attention, it has also…


#Review: Out of “love” and “solidarity”

Anna Kyriazi , July 19th, 2019

Out of “love” and “solidarity”, an ethnography written in Greek, is Katerina Rozakou’s insightful study of two volunteer organizations that helped refugees in Athens in the early 200…


Book Review: Refugees in Higher Education: Debate, Discourse and Practice by Jacqueline Stevenson and Sally Baker

Rose Deller , June 20th, 2019

20 June is World Refugee Day. In their new book Refugees in Higher Education: Debate, Discourse and Practice, Jacqueline Stevenson and Sally Baker offer a comprehensive discussion of…

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In the Journals May, 2019

williamodum , May 30th, 2019

Welcome back to In the Journals, a brief look at just a few articles that have been published in previous months on policing, law, and governance. These readings…


Brexitannia: The Faces and Voices of Brexit

Maximilian C. Forte , May 24th, 2019

First shown at London’s East End Festival in June of 2017, Brexitannia was the very first documentary about Brexit. It is a striking and deeply pensive film, in…