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Tech Startup Culture: ‘I am machine’

standplaatswereld , February 25th, 2019

By Vivienne Schröder For my master Anthropology at the VU Amsterdam, I am doing three months of fieldwork in San Francisco, where I am researching Tech Startup Culture….

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Negligent NGO with happy parents: Voluntourism and the voice of the local beneficiaries

standplaatswereld , May 26th, 2017

The NGO is located in little town in the peripheries of Arequipa Pauline van der Valk        I have always had a keen interest in the local beneficiaries’…

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Wind Energy

standplaatswereld , December 8th, 2016

By Alexander Dunlap    Wind Energy is undoubtedly my favorite of all the energy systems, which retains an immense potential for ecological sustainability. This potential, however, can be utopic,…

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Milieuvriendelijk gedrag in de VS is niet zo makkelijk

standplaatswereld , November 4th, 2016

Door Freek Colombijn                  Europeanen staan vaak snel klaar om de Amerikanen te bekritiseren om hun milieuonvriendelijke gedrag. We hebben maar ten dele recht van spreken, want veel beter…

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My final week in Cuba: A new layer of asphalt for Obama and the Rolling Stones

standplaatswereld , September 4th, 2016

By Caroline van Slobbe. Now, it is all over. I went to Cuba, wrote my MA thesis, and in July received an email that I graduated. Wow, that…

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