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Research Methods for Anthropological Studies of Food and Nutrition! New Book Discount!

foodanthro , March 19th, 2017

Edited by two former SAFN presidents and containing articles by many SAFN members, the new three volume set “Research Methods for Anthropological Studies of Food and Nutrition” is…


The Joys–and Uses–of Teaching Anthropology

Alma Gottlieb , February 15th, 2017

Yes, I’ve retired from full-time teaching.  Yes, I sometimes miss it, and may well return to the classroom from time to time. For now, I was tickled to…

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Writing Ethnographies that Everyone Can Read

Alma Gottlieb , October 21st, 2016

Kristen Ghodsee’s new book, From Notes to Narrative: Writing Ethnographies that Everyone Can Read, was recently published by the University of Chicago Press (in 2016). The discipline of…

→Alma Gottlieb

Participant Observation at Its Best: How Max Weber Concluded Nine out of Ten Politicians are Windbags!

Charting Charcoal in Haiti

Elyse Bailey , July 22nd, 2016

Estimating and Understanding Annual Charcoal Production and Consumption at the National level in Haiti Anthropologists engage subjects at various scales through a plethora of methods. We may solicit…

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Working at a Döner Kebab Shop

Elyse Bailey , July 21st, 2016

Author posing next to two doner kebabs, beef and chicken, rotating on vertical rotisseries. Photo courtesy Oguz Alyanak My research in Strasbourg, France, explores how Muslim Turkish men…

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Call for Papers and Visual Submissions: Photography and (con)text/Photography in Academic Research 8-9 September 2016

Haidy Geismar , May 24th, 2016

Via the Royal Anthropological Institute   ‘photography + (con) text’ is pleased to announce a call for papers and visual submissions for a conference on ‘Photography in Academic…

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Trace ethnography: a retrospective

staeiou , March 23rd, 2016

Stuart Geiger @staeiou continues our edition of ‘The Person in the (Big) Data‘ with a reflection on his practice of ‘trace ethnography’ that focuses on the trace-makin…

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Thinking about Our Shared Common Ancestry–Pausing to Reflect Back on My Career as an Africanist

Alma Gottlieb , March 12th, 2016

Honored to have an interview I recently did with Dallas Tatman (an MA student in African Studies at the U of Illinois) unexpectedly show up, to my surprise,…

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In Memoriam, Sidney Mintz, 1922-2015

Jason Antrosio , December 28th, 2015

Professor Sidney Wilfred Mintz, affectionately known as “Sid,” passed away on December 26, 2015. In a first and now widely-shared post, Elizabeth Dunn succinctly conveyed the thoughts of…

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Part I: Artistic Hand Drawing As Scientific Research Method?

Susan Falls , November 6th, 2015

“You make use of philosophy to speak about the drawing— do you think that it could make sense/nonsense to make use of the drawing to say something about…

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Digital Deities?

Alma Gottlieb , September 20th, 2015

A new study by economist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz tells us that Internet searches for “God” are way down. He notes that this is true even in cases of catastrophe:…

→Alma Gottlieb

The Medium is the Message: A Lesson in Engaging Stakeholders in the UX Research Process

amysantee , February 14th, 2015

From designers and information architects to researchers and strategists, user experience practitioners must pay attention to the methods by which they communicate their ideas. As Marshall McLuhan fir…


打酱油 | Digital folklore & Tumblr as a research tool

Gabriele , November 5th, 2014

What the notebook adds to this strategy of alliance with the fetishism of commodities, however, is that the very instrument of research is a fetish. In English we…

→Gabriele de Seta

Anthropology Blogs 2014

Jason Antrosio , February 7th, 2014

Update 2015: This is the archive page for 2014 Anthropology Blogs. Click Anthropology Blogs 2015 for a current list and see also the Anthropology Blogs 2013 and 2012…

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Cultural Anthropology 2013: Human Nature & Public Debates

Jason Antrosio , January 1st, 2014

It was a great honor and privilege to be invited to deliver the Cultural Anthropology overview for the Five Fields Update sponsored by the Society for Anthropology in…

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AAA 2013 Annual Meetings Chicago – Reader Guide #aaa2013

Jason Antrosio , October 27th, 2013

The 2013 Annual Meetings of the American Anthropological Association are November 20-24 in Chicago. Whether you are going or are just interested in anthropology, take a look at…

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Clickthrough Anthropology Blogs – October 2013

Jason Antrosio , October 13th, 2013

I keep all the Anthropology Blogs 2013 in a big Feedly subscription. Got behind and scrolled through over 400 articles in the last few weeks. These are the…

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