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The Death of a Hungry God

[no-caption] Paul Keil One evening in August 2014, a wild elephant was accidentally killed in Gajbari village* in Assam, a state in …


Why Do We Wrap Presents?

[no-caption] Buppha Wuttifery/Getty Images The holiday season is here. That means presents under Christmas trees, next to menorahs, accompanying Kwanzaa candles, traded …


Death and Dying 101

Students from the author’s class on death and dying explore Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Anita Hannig Back in February, on …


How and Why Hazing Evolved

Sailors aboard the USS Lexington celebrate crossing the equator with an elaborate hazing ritual on April 5, 1944. Participants include Her Highness …


Graduation as seen by faculty

Last Friday, as my last work event at Whittier College (since my postdoc contract is finishing up), I went to graduation. A few observations …