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Melissa Caldwell on her book, Living Faithfully in an Unjust World

| , June 13th, 2022

Interview by Natalja Czarnecki https://www.ucpress.edu/book/9780520285842/living-faithfully-in-an-unjust-world Natalja Czarnecki: You write that inter-faith food aid organizations occupy a …

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Volodymyr Artiukh: The political logic of Russia’s imperialism

Focaal Web Editor , June 9th, 2022

The debate around the Russian invasion of Ukraine, including the previous contributions in FocaalBlog, has shifted from the ‘either NATO or Russia’ dichotomy to a more nuanced exchange…


Don Kalb: War: New Times

focaal_admin , April 21st, 2022

It is now becoming overly clear that this cruel and unjustifiable war in and on Ukraine is not going to last ten days – as the strategists in…


Antonio De Lauri: The idea of a clean and efficient war is a dangerous lie

focaal_admin , April 18th, 2022

The war in Ukraine resuscitated a certain dangerous fascination for war. Notions such as patriotism, democratic values, the right side of history, or a new fight for freedom…


Martin Fotta: Towards Anti-War Anthropology: On EASA, CEE and NATO

focaal_admin , April 14th, 2022

One of the casualties of Putin’s war on Ukraine will be European critical social science. While the war has instigated important discussions about ‘US-plaining’, ‘Westplaining’ and about Russian…


Natalia Knoblock on her book, Language of Conflict

| , April 11th, 2022

Interview by Sofiya Asher https://www.bloomsbury.com/us/language-of-conflict-9781350098626/ Sofiya Asher: What inspired this particular book? Natalia Knoblock: What inspired this book? T…

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Marc Edelman: Encirclement: Historical Roots of Putin’s Paranoia

focaal_admin , March 18th, 2022

“What’s going on inside Putin’s head?” “He’s insane.” Questions and declarations like these pepper discussions of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. While insanity appears an obvious — albeit broad…


Chris Hann: The Agony of Ukraine

focaal_admin , March 11th, 2022

After nearly two weeks of violent conflict in Ukraine, it is increasingly difficult to stand back and see the bigger picture. The West has lined up behind the…


Elizabeth Cullen Dunn: When Western Anti-Imperialism Supports Imperialism

focaal_admin , March 3rd, 2022

The invasion of Ukraine has been a shock not just to Eastern Europe, but to the post World War II international order.  While the fundamental tenets of postwar…


A Strange Past Returns Strangely

Alma Gottlieb , March 3rd, 2022

The last time I heard anyone utter the name, Przemysl, I must have been ten or eleven years old. In his thickly Yiddishized English, my maternal grandfather must…


Don Kalb: “Fuck Off” versus “Humiliation”: The Perverse Logic towards War in Europe’s East

focaal_admin , March 1st, 2022

Image 1: Czar Vladimir, by BakeNecko. I like the tone and the global historical perspective of David Harvey’s FocaalBlog article. Harvey’s socialist internationalism versus competitive nation-…


Derek Hall: Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: A Response to David Harvey

focaal_admin , February 28th, 2022

David Harvey’s February 25 FocaalBlog post is presented as “An Interim Report” on  “Recent Events in the Ukraine”. Harvey’s essay effectively covers some of the core forces that…


David Harvey: Remarks on Recent Events in the Ukraine: An Interim Statement

focaal_admin , February 25th, 2022

Image 1: Young girl protesting the war in Ukraine, photo by Matti. David Harvey prepared this text for the 2022 American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting. We publish…


National Internationalism? The Jewish Labor Bund between Nation and Class

Joshua Meyers , January 26th, 2022

Intersectionality has posed a challenge for leftist movements attempting to advance the cause of specific groups without losing sight of the intercommunal unity they need to succeed. How…

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Marjorie Mandelstam Balzer: Siberia, Protest and Politics: Shaman Alexander in Danger

focaal_admin , June 21st, 2021

In 2021 a modest long-haired Sakha man named Alexander Gabyshev was arrested at his family compound on the outskirts of Yakutsk in an unprecedented for Sakha Republic (Yakutia)…


#failures: Living Out of Synch

Madeleine Reeves , October 2nd, 2020

In their introduction to this thematic series, and the symposium that preceded it, Berisha, Mafizzoli and Ojani invite us to reflect on what happens when breakdown becomes the…


Environments that Could’ve Been

Konstantin Georgiev , September 8th, 2020

Speculation is inevitable in social science. Infinite variables exceed what a researcher can grasp, making confidence hard to attain. There are always gaps in our knowledge of reality,…


Science Skepticism as a Veneer for Nationalistic Humor by Veronica Davidov

Veronica Davidov , September 3rd, 2020

Recently we saw a splash of headlines about the Russian Covid-19 vaccine, as Russia became the first country to register a vaccine and governmental officials shared plans for…


Something Old, Something New

Rebecca_Irons , August 26th, 2020

Embodied Practices and Production of Mobility in Moscow Public Transport during Covid-19 YANA BAGINA “… then I realized it is not hysteria, it’s just reality” (description of the…

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Subway: a silver lining of the COVID-19 quarantine in Moscow

Rebecca_Irons , August 24th, 2020

VARVARA KOBYSHCHA AND KSENIA SHEPETINA The text is based on the data collected within the project “Everyday practices of public health: (Non)Following sanitary rules at Moscow public transport…

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World élite? Latvia, national identity and the pandemic

Gareth Hamilton , July 14th, 2020

An introduction to somewhere less observed Research on Covid-19 is a hot topic worldwide, and, recently, the Latvian government has  also launched its own emergency research programme. We,…


Goodbye “American Greatness”

Maximilian C. Forte , April 29th, 2020

Part 3 of 5 of the COVID-19 Series. Indispensable. Here was the so-called “indispensable nation,” the self-appointed saviour of the world, with generations of its leaders and thinkers…


COVID 19 in the life of elderly people in rural Russia: A crisis of confidence, backed up by fear by Konstantin Galkin

Konstantin Galkin , April 15th, 2020

At the heart of this ethnography are two stories of my informants, Ekaterina and Marina, who live in the countryside, in Karelia (a province in north-west Russia) and…


1st December: “World Aids Day” Всемирный день борьбы со СПИДом – ВИЧ и коренные народы Севера в России HIV and indigenous peoples in Russia

Stephan Dudeck , December 4th, 2019

(English version see blow) picture: WHO/ВОЗ В связи с этой датой хотелось бы обратить внимание на один аспект эпидемия ВИЧ инфекции в России, который еще недостаточно изучен и мало…

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