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Land Violence and the Indigenous Female Body:  Mapping the Guarani and Kaiowá experience

jeromelewis , May 27th, 2022

By Anaclara Giurfa de Brito, Tarsila Iglecio With contributions Amelia Yates, Anna Magrì and Sara Cano Diaz. Edited by Jaqueline Aranduha Photo by Fabiana Assis Fernandes The Fir…

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In the Journals – Militarization

allisontedesco , April 6th, 2021

Officers wearing a traditional late 1960s uniform (left) and a new demilitarized uniform featuring a blazer (right), Riverside County Sheriff, 1969 by Stuart Schrader via Journal of Urban…


Contested Memory. The ‘Comfort Women’ Statue in Berlin and Dealing with Sexual Violence in War

Regina Mühlhäuser, Insa Eschebach , October 14th, 2020

The unveiling of a statue in memory of the victims of sexual violence committed by the Japanese Army in World War II has led to diplomatic tension between…

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Sierra Leone’s laws to protect women have unintended consequences, by Luisa Schneider

Mats Utas , February 28th, 2019

Age-of-consent law is complex. If it is set too high, there’s a risk that it will undercut young people’s agency. If it is set too low, it does…

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White Patriarchy Gets a Pacifier

Alexandra Frankel , October 15th, 2018

In the era of #MeToo, we need collective liberation, not the tears and tantrums of white male entitlement. In less than the time it takes you to read…

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Black Women and the Fight against Sexual Violence

Alexandra Frankel , May 10th, 2018

We cannot fully comprehend today’s activism without the complex histories of Black women’s struggles against sexual violence. Several years ago I interviewed a retired scholar who was one…

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Gastronomie, Inegalité, Fraternité

Alexandra Frankel , May 10th, 2018

For French chefs, inequality begins in culinary school. The kitchen is heaving with activity—it is a Friday and we are in the middle of another practical exam. The…

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Disciplinary Violence

Alexandra Frankel , May 10th, 2018

#MeToo is an opening for change—but can anthropologists look beyond the media moment to confront sexual violence and transform the discipline? Those who speak up to share stories…

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The Invisible Walls of the Whisper Network

Alexandra Frankel , May 10th, 2018

#MeToo makes us all responsible for confronting sexual harassment. Let me begin by saying that it has been difficult for me to write about #MeToo. Although the topic…

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Sexual Violence in the Clinics and the Courts

Alexandra Frankel , May 10th, 2018

Medico-legal systems must change how they respond to victims. Many survivors of sexual assault neither seek out health care nor report to law enforcement, yet these two institutional…

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The Disavowal of Henrietta Schmerler

Alexandra Frankel , May 10th, 2018

 Anthropology’s decades-long misrepresentation of this story of sexual violence should inform the discipline’s relationship to #MeToo. This is the story of a story that matters to us. In…

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Call for Proposals: #MeToo

Alexandra Frankel , January 16th, 2018

As stories of sexual assault and misconduct continue to make news headlines, Anthropology News invites anthropologists to reflect on the #MeToo movement and this particular moment in sexual…

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Beyond the Criminal Discourse in Title IX Procedures

Lucy Carrillo , October 26th, 2017

On September 22, 2017, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos rolled back the Title IX guidelines implemented under the Obama Presidency. The shocking implications of this are too numerous…

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#MeToo: A Crescendo in the Discourse about Sexual Harassment, Fieldwork, and the Academy (Part 1)

Bianca C. Williams , October 24th, 2017

Anthrodendum welcomes guest blogger Bianca C. Williams. Sunday night, October 15, I watched women across my social media timeline bravely and vulnerably share their stories of sexual assault…

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Violence and Vulnerability in Anthropology

Alix Johnson , October 5th, 2017

Three years ago, after being sexually assaulted while conducting dissertation research in Iceland, I joined others in insisting that our discipline take more seriously the prevalence of sexual…


Engagements with Ethnographic Care

Alexandra Frankel , February 17th, 2017

On care and self-care as an anthropologist and rape crisis advocate. I came to my work with survivors of sexual violence, initially, out of care. Care about the…

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The Prominence of Consent

M. Gabriela Torres , June 14th, 2016

Is understanding consent as “simple as tea?” Increasingly, we have begun to think that it is common sense to see rape and other forms of sexual assault almost…

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Applying Anthropology for a Safer World

Anne Kelsey , April 19th, 2016

Claim our bodies, claim our right, Take a stand, take back the night! Across the globe, the month of April is a time for communities to mobilize Take…

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The Self at Stake: Thinking Fieldwork and Sexual Violence

Alix Johnson , March 17th, 2016

[Savage Minds welcomes guest blogger Alix Johnson] I don’t intend to write about surveillance and suspicion, but then I spend my first five months of fieldwork feeling watched. …

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Anna Hedlund: Sharp lines, blurred structures: Politics of wartime rape in armed conflict

Focaal Web Editor , January 22nd, 2016

Whenever there is armed conflict, sexual violence and rape, often against women and girls, soon emerge as central concerns in the global public. This is an important topic,…


Keulen: een urban legend?

standplaatswereld , January 11th, 2016

© APA/AFP/Roberto Pfeil Door Peter Versteeg      Het nieuwe jaar was nog tamelijk vers toen verontrustend nieuws bekend werd. Met oudejaarsnacht zouden vele tientallen vrouwen op het Keulse stationspl…

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A review of Maria Eriksson Baaz and Maria Sterns book Sexual violence as a weapon of war? Perceptions, prescriptions, problems in the Congo and beyond, by Nadja Piiroinen (2015).

Mats Utas , June 23rd, 2015

During the spring term I taught African Studies at Uppsala University. Students created a blog Uppsala African Reviews where they published reviews of books with a focus on…

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The Character of Sexual Harassment at Cons

Emma Louise Backe , June 19th, 2015

By Emma Louise Backe At an event where hundreds of individuals from around the country converge in capes and costumes, the symbols and trappings of heroism, we don’t…

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Anthro in the news 6/1/15

anthropologyworks , May 31st, 2015

Not funny In an article in the Huffington Post, Christa Craven, assistant professor of anthropology and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies, and chair of women’s, gender, and sexualit…