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An Ecology of Knowledges: An Interview with Micha Rahder

colinhoag , March 1st, 2022

An Ecology of Knowledges: Fear, Love, and Technoscience in Guatemalan Forest Conservation By Micha Rahder, Independent Scholar 336pp. Durham, NC: Duke University Press § Colin Hoag spoke…


Knowledge Production, Toxic Corporate Capital, and the Anthropologist’s Entangled Ethics

Saudi Garcia , June 29th, 2021

The dominant disciplinary literature on cultures and practices of extractivism relies on a separation of “the field,” and the insights gained there, from our professional lives as anthropologists…


Angelology and Technoscience

Massimiliano Simons , May 5th, 2021

(Editor’s Note: This blog post is part of the Thematic Series Data Swarms Revisited) Scene of angels at Karlskirche, Vienna, Austria (Photo by Lukas Meier on Unsplash) The…


Quantum Arms Race

Parth Sabharwal , November 24th, 2020

A lot has been said and written about the impending unleashing of quantum technology in the world. Whereas many sing paeans to the potential of the technology to…


Concept map: Post-colonial technoscience

philbu , May 28th, 2015

This map visualizes the concept of “post-colonial technoscience” discussed by Smith, L. C. 2010. Locating post-colonial technoscience: through the lens of indigenous video. History and Technology: An …

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