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El cumpleaños de Tamara Falcó

anthropologies , November 26th, 2021

Read Time:2 Minute, 25 Second Hace unos días, haciendo zapping para terminar de comprobar que la televisión no podía ofrecerme nada…


Wazhmah Osman talks about her book, Television and the Afghan Culture Wars

| , July 5th, 2021

https://www.press.uillinois.edu/books/catalog/29bgf5br9780252043550.html Interview by Narges Bajoghli Narges Bajoghli: What made you write this book and want to focus on the media in Afghan…

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Amy Garey takes the page 99 test

| , December 21st, 2020

 Page 99 of my dissertation ends with a quote from a 2019 comedy festival, “KVN is, KVN lives, KVN will continue to live!” It sums up one of…

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Global South Asia On Screen: India only edition.

john hutnyk , September 15th, 2019

via Global South Asia On Screen: India only edition. Available from Aakar Books Here. Rest of the world here (bloomsbury paperback in November) https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4826-8949   Just becaus…


who is fighting?

zephyrin_xirdal , March 17th, 2019

Zeph’s pop culture quiz #62 In the spectacles of a gentleman—who is sporting a quite ↵distinctive tie knot, by the way—two people fighting are reflected. Who are they?…

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The ’60 Minutes’ as-Sisi Interview as Media Event

MPeterson , January 29th, 2019

“What was he thinking?” is the question people keep asking about General as-Sisi’s Jan. 6 interview on 60 Minutes. It was interesting to watch the interview, which was…


Pantomime Terror

john hutnyk , December 21st, 2018

This book is about storytelling and music video – well, also politics and terror, performance and television. HUTNYK_PANTOMIME TERROR The book tunes into music in three acts. I…


Hacking the Homeland Hack

MPeterson , November 27th, 2018

Earlier this year I published a post describing how back in 2015 three artists  — Heba Amin, Caram Kapp and Stone — were hired to create background graffiti…


Food and Cooking on Early European Television

foodanthro , September 26th, 2018

We received the following call for abstracts from Dr. Ana Tominc, of Queen Margaret University Edinburgh, and thought it would be of interest to SAFN members.  Food and Cooking…


Its Only an Evil Cactus if Donkeys Chase You: Ethics and Psychedelics with Hamilton Morris – This Anthro Life

Ryan Collins , July 23rd, 2018

When TAL first interviewed Hamilton Morris, it was shortly after he and his production team had finished season 1 of Hamilton’s Pharmacopoeia. Now, Morris has completed two seasons…

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Damien Stankiewicz on his new book, Europe Un-imagined

| , July 9th, 2018

https://utorontopress.com/us/europe-un-imagined-2 Interview by Ilana Gershon Ilana Gershon: You open Europe Un-Imagined by suggesting that while the television channel you studied aimed to fashion a …

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Naomi Haynes on her new book, Moving by the Spirit

| , May 21st, 2018

https://www.ucpress.edu/book.php?isbn=9780520294257 Interview by Jon Bialecki Jon Bialecki: The center of your ethnography is about the Prosperity Gospel’s economy of faith and social ambition in the…

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New Book Chapter On Mediated Experience Of The Uprisings

MPeterson , May 19th, 2018

This just in: I have a new book chapter out on the Egyptian uprisings. The title is “Mediated Experience in the Egyptian Revolution” and it appears in Digital…


Guerilla Graffiti: Sabotaging Homeland

MPeterson , March 24th, 2018

Greetings from Bhubaneshwar! I’m on leave in India working on projects far removed from Egypt and the Middle East, but I’m also reviewing materials and cleaning up things…


Trickster’s Path

MPeterson , March 18th, 2018

If one tries to consider Tawfiq ‘Ukasha as a counterreactionary populist demagogue, (as do the few journalists and political scientists who mention him at all), the bizarre rises…


Speaking Of Jinn…

MPeterson , March 4th, 2018

I recently participated in a podcast about jinn, material culture and modernity and globalization on the Archaeological Fantasies podcast. Here’s their episode notes: Magical Jinn and where …


DragNet: January 16 – January 31, 2018

ngraulich , February 6th, 2018

Image from projects.bettergov.org DragNet is back, with a recap of a number articles that came up last month in our twitter feed. In World News, we have a…


We Have Never Been Digital Anthropologists

Crystal Abidin , February 3rd, 2018

anthro{dendum} welcomes guest blogger Rebekah Cupitt, contributing the third post in the Private Messages from the Field series edited by Crystal Abidin and Gabriele de Seta. We Have Never Been…


Why Al-Jazeera America Never Gained Traction

MPeterson , November 28th, 2017

“Can Al Jazeera English leverage its ‘Egypt moment’ into an American audience?” That question was asked back in 2011 by William Youmans and Katie Brown in a 2011 article…


which movie?

zephyrin_xirdal , October 21st, 2017

zeph’s pop culture quiz #60 A man is sitting in the cinema. Which movie is he watching? Mind, I am not asking from which film the screenshot is…

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Visual Anthropology Of The Egyptian Revolution (And Beyond)

MPeterson , October 12th, 2017

A special issue of the journal Visual Anthropology brings together seven scholars exploring visual aspects of political contestation in the Middle East, especially the Arab Spring.   The issue …


Fred Armisen is, like, so mean. So mean.

Grant , June 14th, 2017

[this post first appeared in Medium.] A friend told me about seeing a freshman on a university campus in the UK. The kid was clearly in agony. And…

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The Anthropoliteia #BlackLivesMatterSyllabus Project, Week 5: Meg Stalcup and Charles Hahn on Technology, Surveillance, and Security

mstalcup , October 7th, 2016

The editors of Anthropoliteia are happy to present the latest entry in on ongoing series The Anthropoliteia #BlackLivesMatterSyllabus Project, which will mobilize anthropological work as a pedagogical…


Orientalism for kids – again

john hutnyk , September 18th, 2016

Am gearing up for another round of kiddy tv and hoping there are new programmes since the mind worms of Iggle Piggle and Peppa Pig did their damage. This…